Thursday, June 28, 2007

Does YOUR Diet Do This Then?

It seems that yesterday's posting about the elimination diet got a few people riled up.

Seems that they simply don't agree with the lady's judgement of my 'fad' diet and wanted me to share their thoughts.

Here goes!

"Hi Dax,

Ok. Here we go.

Your diet (or healthy eating plan), diet has such negative connotations doesn't it.?

Well, it's just great.!

From it I have discovered, that although I love bread, lovely crusty cobs, warm bloomers, a gorgeous sandwich loaf, hot from the oven..... I could go on. It doesn't love me. I cannot eat a single piece of processed sliced bread, although if it's fresh from the bakery, I can have a small slice. If I bake it myself, well I can have a whole slice.


Not only have I discovered that I can bake my own bread, (I can do anything), as well as Chelsea buns, danish pasties, sundried tomato and olive bread, I have even attempted croissants, lovely they were, (I only had half) but the children loved them.

I don't eat potatoes, rice or pasta anymore. But I have discovered couscous, bulgar wheat and other lovely substitutes. I have always drank a lot of water, and eaten a lot of fruit and veggies. my biggest downfall is my sweet tooth, and I admit that on occasion I succumb and have a couple of squares of dark chocolate.

I have lost fat, and I feel healthier, however............. I have also discovered ME.

Your healthy eating plan has given me the courage of my convictions. I am in the middle of a complete career change, my children are leaving home to go to university and I am leaving the boring me behind to become a big ME. I can do anything I put my mind to.

Next year, (once I have settled into my new career), I am going to learn skydiving and windsurfing. I am going to buy my partner flying lessons for his birthday, he has also taken up track car racing.

We are planning also to move to France within the next few years, and have already put in an offer on a property over there.

You and your 'diet' have changed my life.

Not only in the knowledge of healthy eating but in the fact that live is for living, and you just have to get up and go do it. Thank you for everything"


"PS incidently I dropped two dress sizes on the healthy eating plan, and am no longer plagued with terrible stomach ache. "

"...I have really tested this diet out, and I feel amazingly healthy for the first time in a long time. I sleep better.

I eat well.

I don't crave crap, which seems to happen when you eat rubbish.I don't criticise people for wanting to fill their bodies with rubbish, breathe and eat toxins etc, but I am definitely converted to the right kind of living, and very happy that you were kind enough to share your knowledge with the rest of us.

You can quote me....

Firing a few bullets at the large round dartboard shaped bottoms in society is OK by me, as long as the butt is not mine! Take careBlessings,"


"Hi Dax
I’m getting excited,
Week 3 and I’ve lost 7Lb and 10.5 inches. Total.
I’m loving this diet and everyone who has seen the change in my weight wants to know about it.
Don’t care about re-introducing anything else. I love the whole food. "


"Hi Dax

having started the eliminantion diet i have dropped a dress size and lost a total of 6 inches
I feel great, and won't ever go back to caffeine.

I have more energy, sleep better and my performance in sports has dramatically improved.




in 12 days I have lost 10 pounds. This makes me I pound lighter than I have been in 35 years. "


Look, these are just a few emails I got back yesterday and there are a ton more.

The long and the short of it is this...

Over the years I've been a personal trainer I've seen the personal training industry develop into a fad-led circus of sorts with many, many a gadget, gizmo, exercise plan or diet being little more than a marketing tool to make more money for those who're selling them.

Now, don't get me wrong, I want to become very wealthy and I've done pretty well for myself over the last few years, but I'm interested in one thing and one thing only.

What works?

If filling your face with Big Mac every day worked then I'd be promoting THAT, but it doesn't.

I have no 'hidden agenda' with the elimination diet. How can I? I don't even sell it, I give it away for free and have done so to over 15,000 people so far.

There are no 'elimination diet supplements' or protein shakes or vitamins or pills or powders for me to make money from either, I do this because I'm passionate about sharing a dietary system that, I believe, has a massive power to benefit so many of us in pretty much any area of health that we could imagine (the fact that it helps you lose weight is a bonus in my eyes).

If you're sceptical, that's fine. But try it and see for yourself before you dismiss it ok?

You can download it HERE as well as gaining access to it through my 9 day Look Great Naked Test Drive where you'll also get a ton of free exercise sheets, videos, recipes and other great stuff to help you get results fast.


Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Is The Elimination Diet Unhealthy?

I just received an email from a reader of the newsletter that I wanted to share with you.

Now, I receive a LOT of emails on a daily basis (over 500) but this one kind of got to me.

Not in a bad way you understand, but just from the perspective of seeing how people will fight for their 'right' to carry on doing what they've always done yet still complain that they get no results.

See what I mean below...

"I read through your Diet Plan, and it is not a healthy way to lose weight.

I do not believe in fad or trend diets...and although you claim yours is not one - really it is.

Any diet that completely eliminates foods can not be healthy.

I have successfully lost a great deal of weight in the past, and have come to this conclusion: moderation is the key.

Instead of eliminating foods and causing people to think they are doing good - you should focus on helping people adjust their eating habits...this is far better for them"

Now, understand, I'm not being argumentative here.

Everyone is entitled to their opinions on anything but I'm definitely a little confused...

1. It is not a healthy way to lose weight.

What, eating clean, wholseome foods, removing those tainted with chemicals and pesticides and drinking more water isn't healthy?

2. I don't believe in fad or trendy diets... and yours is one

I WISH it was a trend!

I've been working to make eating clean and healthy foods a trend for years now but and have over 15000 on my diet but that doesn't exactly create a 'trend'.

If it were a trend then there'd be a lot more healthy people out there...

3. Any diet that completely eliminates foods can not be healthy.

You mean, asks you to cut back on suspect foods for 14 days whilst you assess their effects on you, all the while, limiting your food intake to only fresh fruit, veg, meat, poultry and fish isn't healthy?

Shock, horror!

I've had it wrong all this time and should put back the caffeine, alcohol, sugar and processed food right away! : )

4. I have successfully lost a great deal of weight in the past, and have come to this conclusion: moderation is the key.

'Successfully' would imply that the weight stayed off and that there would be no need to apply another diet system again...ever!

That being the case, why would this person have signed up for a diet newsletter?

I agree that moderation is great but the definition often leaves a lot to be desired and it's this moderation that has people yo-yo-ing on and off of diets for life.

5. Instead of eliminating foods and causing people to think they are doing good - you should focus on helping people adjust their eating habits...this is far better for them

Wierd, I thought we were focusing on adjusting their eating habits : )

Look, I'm just having a bit of fun here and mean nothing personal against this lady but, well, PLEASE!

You've got to be kidding me!!

By all means, eat the way you want and live your life the way you want that is totally your prerogative. You're an adult and a free agent.


Don't try and tell me that a diet that asks you to eat healthy foods and cut back on the PROVEN unhealthy ones is a fad.

That's plain silly!

In fact, it's more than that, it's ridiculous!

In an age when there are literally thousands of diet books in the bookstores that tell you to do all kinds of extreme things in the name of 'fat loss', to call a diet that is FREE to download and that asks you to eat only healthy foods 'unhealthy' is plain nuts!

(Sorry, but hey, this is MY newsletter and I'm entitled to a rant sometimes)

Instead of defending the 'moderation' that is keeping over 70% of the first world population on or near the obesity mark, maybe it's time for some 'extremist' views on health huh?

I'm happy to oblige : )

Ok, Dax-rant over! : )

Truth, joy and love


Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Great Elimination Diet Forum

I'm forever trawling the internet looking for great resources that I can share with my readers and recently came upon one that I DEFINITELY think you should visit if you're following my elimination diet

The forum is called Netmums and these guys have really got it together as far as both supporting each other through the program and getting together nifty recipe ideas are concerned.

Definitely pop on over there and have a look!

Truth, joy and love


At Last!!

I can't believe it...

I seem to spend all my life posting to other people's blogs and forums and yet rarely, if ever, visiting my own.

It's getting ridiculous!

So ridiculous in fact, that one of my readers sent me an email ticking-off telling me that I'd been lazy beyond belief.

He was right!

Well, in an effort to save face and return to some semblence of productive contribution (actually, I write newsletters to over 30,000 people a week) I've decided to really pull out all the stops and commit to AT LEAST 3 blog updates a week.

That's not too bad is it? : )

So keep 'em peeled and please, feel free to send me an email if I drop the ball.

Truth, joy and love