Wednesday, June 11, 2008

In Case You Thought It Was A Fluke...

In case you though Ann Thomas's amazing results from the Look Great Naked Challenge were a fluke, I thought I'd share with you the progress being made by several of my current challenge participants.

Check out these pictures of Babs and the amazing transformation she's made already at only 63 days into the program.

And here's her stats!

Weight: 136lbs, down 25lbs from the start
Bust: 94 cm, down 4cm from the start
Waist: 74cm, down 13cm from the start
Hips: 99cm, down 11cm from the start
Thigh: 60cm, 6cm from the start
Calf: 38cm, 2cm from the start
Arm: 33cm, down 3cm from the start

BMI: 27.1 (was 31.7 at the start)
Body Fat: 35.4% (was 44.1% at the start)

Not bad huh?

And remember, the whole program is conducted at home using simple equipment and, get this, completed in 20-30 minutes a day. (That's 30 minutes MAXIMUM!)

And whilst Babs is doing very well, she's by no means the exception.

Many, many of the challenge participants are making similar changes too.

If rapid inchloss and a true and genuine desire to shed stacks of fat are high on YOUR pre-vacation priority right now then check out the Look Great Naked Challenge website today!

Truth, joy and Love

Dax Moy

P.S - At only £10 a week I've designed the Look Great Naked Challenge to be affordable to everyone. Go see for yourself....