Thursday, June 25, 2009

What's Your Number One Fat Loss Question For London's Leading Personal Trainer?

I had over nearly 400 applications for my new 30lbs in 30 days program which started Monday.

I could only choose 29.

They're doing amazingly well already with inches dropping like crazy and some people over 6lbs down already.

Since monday!

Not bad huh?

But it's gotten me thinking about all those people I didn't choose. Nearly 400 of them who badly wanted in on the program but didn't get a place. And it made me think about how I should help them a little more.

So here goes!

I want to know what your number one fat loss question is. I'm going to answer it for you so that you're able to start getting great results just like my 30 in 30 group.

In fact, I promise you that I'm going to answer ALL of the questions you send me.

ALL of them, even if there are hundreds.

So now there's no excuse.

No reason not to get your results.

Just send me your question in the comment section below and i'll get to answering it.

Do it now! : )

Dax Moy

The UK's Leading Personal Trainer

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Here's how To Lose 4lbs In 24hours Without Counting Calories, Popping Pills Or.... Being Stupid!

Man... this has been TOUGH!

So many great people wanting to join the program but limited places and yes, they've all been filled.


I know there'll be a lot of disappointed people reading this but I have to give my all to the group going through right now...

And BOY are they going through!

We're ONE DAY into the trial and already they're getting results.

I kid you not.

On average they've 2lb since starting the program yesterday with Liz Roddis hitting a 4lb weightloss already.

But it's not just the weight.

Already the inches are falling away. Sarah has lost 1.5 inches from her waist already, Natasha has lost a combine 1.75 inches and others are reporting similar.

Remember, this is WITHOUT calorie counting, without supplements and without going hungry. There are no pills, powders or skinny shakes and they're all allowed to eat freely.

They've only done about 1 hour of exercise too.

Now sure, I'm not going to pretend that people have lost 4lbs of fat. They haven't. There's fat in there for sure, but what they're already experiencing is the effect of giving up 'bloat' water from their bodies due to the elimination diet and the heightened metabolism from my 'sneaky' metabolic triggering techniques.

We've a long way to go for sure, but I'd say that these guys are doing pretty well for 1 day wouldn't you?

I'll be posting updates here throughout the trial and, of course, telling YOU how you can increase the speed of your own results, but if you want to hear 'from the horses mouth' from these guys and ask them questions or just give 'em a little support.

I want you to see that this is real and not just some figment of Dax Moy's marketing imagination : )

Liz Roddis http// (ask her about that 4lb!)

Sarah Brookes


Natasha Broke



Melissa <




More to come!

I'll post 'em tomorrow!

Til then, why not get started on YOUR Elimination Diet again?

It's FREE and you'll get TONS of great results and you can get support from all the great people in my community at

If you were going to do 30 in 30 anyway, why not do the diet component? There's a bunch of great exercise tips in my community too...

See you there!

Dax moy
London's Leading Personal Trainer

P.S - YOU could be 2-4lbs lighter by tomorrow too if you get started today, right?

Friday, June 19, 2009

30lbs in 30 days Guninea Pigs Now Chosen!

Yep, seriously, it's been nailbiting stuff deciding the final 'contestants' of my 30-in-30 fatloss program.

It's been hard, I can tell you.

MUCH harder than I ever thought it would be!

See, I thought I'd invite my readers to try out for a place and that I'd get 20-30 people serious enough to give the program a good go but instead I got...


(I dealt with more emails and blog posts than this but many were double or triple applications)

And I've actually reviewed each and every one of them myself.

I made a first cut, second cut, third cut and so on until I got down to those that I felt most able to give the program a good run and who were likely to get the best results from it.

Of course, along the way that's meant cutting out a lot of great people who really did deserve a place on the program and I genuinely feel a little sad tonight thinking about all the people I had to cut.

If you're one of them and you won't be joining me on the program this time around, I'm sorry. It's nothing personal. I just had to go with my heart on this...

Anyway, I guess you just want to know if you're in or out, right?

Well, here goes!

Those who will be working with me at my London studios are (drumroll please)...

Natasha Broke
Alison Louise Leask
Joe Strydom
Rob Fitzgerald
'Divine Angel'
Jin Sandhu
'China Blue'

Yes, that's EIGHT People instead of six. I extended it... but still had to say no to 30 other people that wanted to come to my Islington centre.

For my 'international' component the following people will be starting with me on Monday:

Margot Faircloth
Angela W
'2 DOGS'
Amy Jo
'One Middle Aged Woman'
Joan Bliefernicht
Andrew Johnston
Pastor Greg UMC

As you can see, I've broken my rule again and instead of 12 I've invited 21 people (I'm too soft, I know but...)

As you can also see, my 'accidentally on purpose' mistake of not asking you all to leave your full names means that I only have the blog names for some of you : )

So look, if you were named, you need to send me an email to my studios at daxmoypts{at} with the subject line IN FULL CAPS: I'VE BEEN CHOSEN FOR DAX'S 30-IN-30 PROGRAM! (This is important as my inbox is rammed full of mail right now) and I'll get you signed up and tell you what the next step is.

It's going to be a great 30 days but I promise you, I have high expectations of all my participants and won't be letting any of you off the hook if you drop the ball... I'm going back to my drill-instructor mode on this one. I have to or you won't accomplish the 30lbs.

If you weren't selected...

I apologise.

I really do.

I want to help as many people as possible but I don't want to make the program less effective by trying to help more people than I can possibly manage by myself.

That said, I still think that I and my team can really help you.

I'd like to recommend that you join my community at if you haven't already, download my free elimination diet and support each other as you go through it together.

In my community you'll find HUNDREDS of posts that'll help you achieve amazing things in a very short period of time and, of course, I and my team will be there too to make your journey a little easier.

Whatever you do, I genuinely wish you well.

I also just want to thank you once more for trusting me with this goal. I know it took a lot for many of you to post here and I appreciate the trust given here over the last few days. I won't forget it. i promise.

Truth, joy and love

Dax Moy

P.S - If your name is on either of those lists you should be mailing me right now! : )

Thursday, June 18, 2009

30lb in 30 days... Still Want In?


I DEFINITELY wasn't expecting that!

Nearly 200 people have applied for one of the 18 places I have available on the 'Lose 30lbs In 30 Days Challenge' that's starting Monday and I have to pick them from some really, really great applications.

It's gonna be hard : )

In fact, it may be a little TOO hard.


Instead of trying to 'sell' you all into getting onto the program I'm going to do something completely different.

I'm going to see if I can put you OFF!

You see, I reckon that the idea of 30lbs in 30 days sounds pretty cool to many of you and I'm sure that you'd love to see the end result in the mirror after a month of following my exercise, nutrition and lifestyle strategies but I wonder if you're ready, REALLY ready, to put forward the effort required to reach this amazing goal.

Let's see shall we?

==> Are you ready, willing and able to give up COMPLETELY all wheat, dairy, caffeine, alcohol, sugar and processed foods for the duration of the program?

==> Are you ready, willing and able to exercise 7 days a week for around 1 hour with no excuses about work, kids, 'feeling tired' or anything else?

==> Are you ready, willing and able to train HARD and put forth 100% effort in each of your workouts to bring about the best possible response to training?

==> Are you ready, willing and able to utilise safe nutritional methods like carb cycling, intermittent fasting and more to bring about a rapid reduction in fat and overall weight?

==> Are you ready, willing and able to follow lifestyle guidance regarding sleep patterns, stress reduction and hydration?

==> Are you ready, willing and able to COMPLETE the 30 day program with no excuses for dropping out?

If you answered yes to ALL of the above questions then go ahead and put your name in the box below and you'll be shortlisted and notified about my selection at midnight tonight.

If not, if you realise it's just not for you then hey, thanks for reading : )

You need to get a move on though, I've a lot of names to get through and not much time to do it so put your details in the box and we'll be ready to go!

YES! I'm 100% Ready, Willing and Able To Lose 30lbs In 30 Days...
Firstname :
Let Me In!

Speak soon!

Dax Moy

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Human Fat Loss Guinea Pigs Wanted! Lose 30lbs In 30 Days

Yeah, I know the term 'guinea-pig' isn't too flattering but hey, you know what I mean, right?

Here's the deal!

I'm just putting the finishing touches on a special new fat loss program that I've been working hard behind the scenes to create for a while now.

The program is aimed at RAPID fat loss and will involve 30 days of intensive exercise, nutrition and lifestyle coaching where I'll be taking my chosen subjects through step-by-step 'how to' processes that will literally convert them into fat-burning furnaces of the most amazing kind.

If that's just set your hype alarms off then chill...

I'm not SELLING anything... yet! : )

I'm looking for 2 sets of guinea pigs to go through the program for FREE as my... guests (you won't feel like a guest when you go through it).

One set of 12 people will be chosen for my online group and a set of 6 will be chosen to work with myself and my team at my Islington, London studios

The chosen few in each group will be told absolutely everything they need to know to accomplish... wait for it...

...30lbs In 30 Days!

Now, before you start telling me that it can't be done or it's 'unsafe', let me tell you that it CAN be done (I've helped numerous people achieve this over the years) and it IS safe (rapid weight loss is fine as long as macro and micronutrient levels are maintained at a level that supports health and that no dehydration methods are employed in order to achieve the loss).

And look, I'm not some exercise and nutrition extremist anyway, my approach is based upon healthy practices and, whilst aspects of the program will be intense, they're not going to ask people do starve themselves (or even count calories) and they won't require marathon training sessions of any kind (1 hour a day is hardly 'extreme', is it?)

So here's what I'm looking for...

==> I'm looking for men and women who are SERIOUS, as in 100% absolutely, definitely, without a doubt committed to losing 30lbs in the next 30 days

==> I'm looking for people who will start the program, follow ALL advice exactly as given FINISH the program to completion rather than doing it 'kinda, sorta, maybe' and then dropping out before it's over.

==> I'm looking for people that are ready, willing and able to blog their daily journey with me (including before, during and after pictures) and who will allow me permission to use their testimonials and pictures in future promotional material related to the program

==> I'm looking for people who are sick and tired of the way they look and feel and are in that 'place' where this is a must for them.

==> I'm looking for people who have access to resistance equipment or a gym, or who are prepared to purchase it by Sunday 21st June when the program starts.

If you're one of these people then you MAY qualify for one of my 12 online places.

In addition, if you want to work with me and my team in Islington, London then you need to be willing to do the following:

==> Attend AT LEAST 4 training sessions a week in Islington and carry out 'homework' as directed on the other days.

That's it!

Pretty simple, right?

Or, at least, it's simple if you're a seriously committed individual who absolutely, definitely want to achieve this in 30 days.

If it all sounds too much for you then you don't really need to read on, the program clearly isn't for you.

"Why's Dax Doing this?"

It should be obvious, but in the interests of transparency I'll spell it out.

I'm looking for walking, talking advertisements for the power and effectiveness of this new program and I'm willing to forgo payment to get them.

The way I figure it is this; people are sceptical. They don't really believe that results like this are possible so, if I were to just start selling the program on a website today, even though it works, I'd probably sell a handful only, as people wouldn't believe it was possible.


At the end of this 30 day program I'm going to have 18 people demonstrating the absolute proof of my claims to anyone who'll listen. And it'll be in 'real time' too. None of those photoshopped before and after pictures that show miracle transformations (including fake tan and sucking tummies in).

Once my readers see the results for themselves I'll have no problem whatsoever selling the program. I guarantee it.

So THAT's my reason. It's up front for everyone to see. Nothing hidden.

Still Interested?

If you're still interested, here's what you need to do...

Use the comments section of this blog to tell my why YOU should be given one of these valuable places (They ARE valuable too. Working 1:1 with my costs £150 an hour!).

Go ahead and 'sell' yourself into the program by telling me absolutely anything and everything you think I need to know in order to make up my mind abut giving you a place.

My team and I will personally choose the 18 lucky winners.

I'll be announcing the chosen places at midnight on Thursday, so there's no time to hang about.

If you want in and you're SERIOUS (Did I mention that already?) then leave your message in the comments area below.

Speak soon!

Dax Moy
The UK's Leading Fat Loss Expert

P.S - You can achieve INCREDIBLE things when you put your mind to it... I'll prove it to you!

Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Two EXTREME Diets... Which Would YOU Choose?

I'm just writing a bunch of new nutrition articles for my blog and newsletter where I'm comparing the various approaches that people use to reduce fat fast.

Believe me, I've looked at TONS of different eating plans and philosophies over the years and have a really good idea about why people eat the way they  do but I'm still a little puzzled by the way many people think on the subject.

So I decided to do a little test : )

I've found 2 examples of diets that, by most people's standards are pretty extreme.

One involves fasting several times a week and promises rapid fat loss for those who follow this approach. It's got scores of scientific evidence and success testimonials supporting it.

The other involves using 'strategic cheating' where you're allowed to eat pizza, pasta, and coke and yet still drop fat. This one too, has tons of success stories that back up the authors claims. (Seems a bit far fetched to me and is about as far from the Elimination Diet program I run as can possibly be)

So here's the thing...

I'm interested in finding out how people feel about diets. What they most believe will work... and why!

Just check out these 2 diets and then leave a message in the comments area below and tell me what you think of these diets which sit at the opposite ends of a very wide spectrum.

I'd love to know (and I think it'll be a great topic for a 'big' article)

Can you help?

Go check 'em out right away!

Dax Moy

P.S - Which diet makes the most sense to you?

P.P.S - Time to plug my own diet : )

A little while ago I did an interview with Kettlebell Fatloss Expert Troy Anderson on how and why the elimination diet works. Troy asked a bunch of great questions so I asked if he'd let me give my own readers a copy and he agreed.

Here it is!