Thursday, July 23, 2009

Here's How I lost 11.2 lbs and 11.5 inches in just 30 Days.

Here's yet another 30 day success story, this time from Cynthia who has changed dramatically during her time on my 30 day personal training body transformation challenge which just finished.

Cyn 'only' lost just over 11lbs in 30 days but achieved a pretty amazing inchloss and transformation I'm sure you'll agree.

Just look at the pictures to see how much she's changed... especially around the waist where you can see the fat has literally melted off.

Let's hear from Cyn!

Dax Moy Personal Training London

Here are my final results!

Weight 167.8 start 179 down 11.2 lbs (pound per week on average 2.8 lbs)
Chest 39 start 41 down -2
Waist 33 start 36 down -3
Hips 41 start 44 down -3
Thighs 24.5 start 26 down -1.5
Calves 14 start 15 down -1
Arm 11 start 12 down - 1

Total inches lost overall 11.5!!

"Well this has been quite a journey!

A journey of self awareness and determination . . . I have learned self discipline, proper food management, finding time to dedicate to exercising (time management) and learning to say "NO".

My name is Cynthia and I am from Alberta Canada and I have lost 11.2 pounds of unwanted fat in 30 days. That is 2.8 pounds of weight loss a week on average. I also lost 11.5 inches overall and am able to fit into clothes I have not worn in years!

I am so grateful to have been pick for this program and will continue using Dax's program and the tools he gave us to reach my goal weight.

In the past I have tried other programs, such weight watchers, but I did not see them through and quite just before I started seeing any results. I have always been in shape, but after I turned 35 it was, as the expression goes, all down hill from there.

When I turned 40 I was at my heaviest. I was in the 190s and could barely tie my own shoes. I think that was my breaking point. It was depressing and I was in a rut.

When I turned 41, I had had enough and started to do some research. I came across Dax's program and when he announced that he was looking for guinea pigs I was ecstatic.

I had tried the Elimination Diet before, but again did not stick with it and what little results I had seen disappeared. When I was picked for the program I made a promise to myself to follow this through!

I didn't want to be overweight anymore.

Although the first week was pretty tough, hard and scary (because what if I failed AGAIN), I managed to persevere, stayed strong and stick with the program with the help of Dax's advice and encouragement.

I was so happy to see 3 inches come off my waist and hips. Also my belly went down considerably and I didn't feel so bloated. I haven't reached my goal yet, but now I have the proper tools and willpower to succeed.

There is nothing stopping me now.

I recommend this program to anyone who has reached their limit and who are serious about losing weight and seeing results fast.

It is not just a another diet . . . this program changes your life! Thanks Dax. I would love to give you a hug in person! xoxoxox"

Cyn has done incredibly, don't you agree?

Considering this was all completed in just 30 days I think it's amazing! Most fat loss programs out there are pretty happy to have this happen in 12 weeks yet first Martin, now Cyn have shown just what's possible when you commit to getting your results.

More tomorrow!

Dax Moy
London's Leading Personal Trainer

P.S - Grab a FREE copy of the same diet Cyn used during the 30 Day Challenge over at today!

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

How To Lose 20lbs and 5 Inches From Your Waist in Just 30 Days

Well, my 30 day experiment is over!

My wonderful guinea-pigs in my 30 in 30 challenge have completed the workouts and the dietary protocols and have all achieved some pretty amazing stuff as you'll soon see.

I won't blather and hype what's happened, instead I'll be posting their results over the next few days and you can read read for yourself what happened and how they feel about it all in their own words : )

Let's start with Martin...

Dax Moy
London's Leading Personal Trainer

Read how Martin lost 20lb and 12" in just 30 days!!

(These are all Martin's own pictures. I haven't resized, altered
or changed them in any way. Martin even put  the 'day 1' and
'day 30' on himself - in case you're wondering!)

30 Day Fat Loss Results With London Personal Trainer Dax Moy

30 Day Fat Loss Results With London Personal Trainer Dax Moy

"Hi i'm Martin 33 years old from Blackpool, England. 

I have been overweight for YEARS! I have tried everything to shift the flab slowly creeping over my body.

I know everything there is to know about healthy eating or so I thought! I have tried Atkins, Weight Watchers, Slimfast, Numerous online diets. Stupid and probably dangerous diets, cabbage soup, 3 day detox I have joined Gym's played sports etc everything and anything.

I have never managed to keep to any of the programs for more than a month or so and even then there would be the odd cheat.

I decided to join Dax Moy's 30-in-30 fat loss program as it sounded very challenging I am fiercely competitive and I loved the idea of following a set routine and exercise plan for 30 days and seeing fast results. My problem is that I get bored and if I don't see results my willpower disappears. I liked the idea of being accountable to Dax and knowing that he was monitoring my progress would keep me on track. Basically I didn't have anything else to try and I needed to lose weight I needed someone to give me a kick up the butt and make me do something.

The program is tough, it has to be its only for 30 days. It took me a while to get used to not having coffee and just drinking water but the eating clean was great I did suffer detox headaches for the first 2-3 days but took the advice Dax gave us and worked through it. After about day 4 I began to feel amazing really refreshed and healthy I began to enjoy it and I loved the fact that it kept changing The exercises really push your limits and you can actually feel yourself getting stronger and fitter and you compete against yourself for times and repetitions which is definately motivating.

My results in 30 days are staggering I cannot believe the transformation, everyone keeps telling me I look amazing, my skin is glowing (so i'm told!) I am sleeping better, I feel like a different person I cannot believe in 30 days this is achievable I have felt really well in myself where normally I dont feel great I get very tired and stressed and dont sleep well etc.

My results:

Weight lost 20lb

Chest 3.5" lost

Waist 5" lost

Hips 1.5" lost

Thigh 1" lost

Calf 0.5" lost

Arm 0.5" lost

Weight 16st 2lb at start 14st 10lb at finish

Chest 44" down to 40.5"

Waist 41.5" down to 36.5"

Hips 44" down to 42.5"

Thigh 27" down to 26"

Calf 16" down to 15.5"

Arm 15" down to 14.5"

A total weight loss of 20lb and 12 inches!

I would definately recommend this program to anyone who wants to lose weight and shape up and is prepared to put in the effort and make things happen there is no miracle pill you have to put in the effort and then with the help of Dax you will get the result. I will definately continue with the program it really has changed my life"

Good stuff huh?

Congratulations to you Martin. You've done amazingly well, my friend. Keep it up buddy! : )

More to come tomorrow : )


Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Tried This Crazy Pushup Yet?

Well, yesterday's bodyweight workout videos went really well with over 500 view on them already (though not enough comments!) : )

So I thought I'd give you this great quad pushup tutorial today with a bunch of variations from the complete beginner to the advanced athlete. They get pretty tough... especially pushing up into a handstand or hopping from the floor!

Take a look, give 'em a go and leave me a comment : )

Dax Moy
London's leading Personal Trainer

Monday, July 20, 2009

London Personal Trainer Shares These Super Pushup Variations For Strength and Fast Fat Burning

Want to challenge yourself to greater upper body strength, improved muscle tone and greater fat-burning potential?

If so, you'll absolutely love these new exercises that I've been using with my clients to get fantastic body transformation results faster than ever.

The exercises need no weights, no bands, no kettlebells or anything else, rather, you'll get the most amazing workouts ever just be using your bodyweight.

Don't believe me?

Check these out for yourself!

Perform 3-4 sets of 8 of each routine and see for yourself just how effective bodyweight can be!

Dax Moy
The UK's Leading Personal Trainer

P.S - Don't forget to tell me how you got on!

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

London Personal Trainer Recommends Vegetarian Meal Plans

Are You - Or Should You Be - A Vegetarian?

Well, to be honest, my personal opinion is no.

I believe that as humans we've evolved to be able to both enjoy and benefit from good, clean, organic meats that have been raised naturally and slaughtered humanely for our consumption.

On top of this, I just ENJOY meat in my diet and feel far better when it's present than when it's not.

That said, I acknowledge and respect the right to choose too and I certainly don't knock anyone for choosing to adopt vegetarian or vegan approaches to healthy living.

In fact, since I first wrote the elimination diet program 3 years ago I've often been asked about how the ED and vegetarian lifestyles can be best combined to bring about the best results.

And I've mostly had no answer.

See, I only really advise on things I know about and as a self-confessed carnivore I know very little about 'real life'vegetarianism. Trouble is, I didn't really know of many resources to refer my readers to either...

...until now!

I've been looking for a true-blue vegetarian and vegan expert who could advise my readers on how to utilise 'use the same day'principles into their nutritional approaches and, well, I think I've found one.

Vegan and vegetarian nutrition expert Kardena Pauza is just putting the finishing touches on a product she's calling, surprise, surprise, Easy Veggie Meal Plans. I've managed to get a bit of an inside scoop, and I like what I've seen so far and think that you might too.

Now, it's not 100% compatible with the ED (Just a little too much cheese for my liking) but still, with a few minor tweaks the approach will definitely work for you.

Kardena has put together a couple of excellent free meal plans and a free report called 'The 10 Vegetarian Foods NOT To Eat On A Weight Loss Program' which I think is just great. You should definitely check out food number 3... shocking! <= You can grab your free meal plans and report here

The report's even worth getting if you're NOT a veggie as there's some solid information in there that most of us could benefit from.

So look, do me a favor will you?

Download the reports and tell me what you think of them. As I said, I'm not vegetarian and have no intention of becoming one but I'd love to know what others are thinking of Kardena's approach to nutrition so that I can recommend it in the future... or not.

So once you've read it, pop back here and tell me your thoughts.

I'd LOVE to hear 'em!

Go on then... go get the freebie : )

Dax Moy

P.S - Kardena's report is coming down at the weekend, or so I've been told, so get on over to
right away!