Thursday, April 23, 2009

Your 15 Minute Beach Body Rescue Plan

want to get beach body ready?

Can you believe it? May is almost upon us already!

If you're like most people you're probably already picking out your holiday clothes and thinking ahead to when you can finally hit the beach, soak up some sun and get some well earned R and R.

But then it hits you. Sun, sea and sand all equal skimpy clothes and to make the most of those you've gotta have a body to go with them!


Baring our all on holiday is often a terrifying prospect for many of us. If you feel self-conscious about your hip, thighs, stomach or indeed anywhere then it's likely that your holiday will be spent in a mild (sometimes not-so-mild) state of paranoia that can actually detract from your enjoyment of your time away from work. Instead of relaxing and enjoying your freedom you're doing the 'does my bum look big in this?' bit.

Does this sound familiar to you? If it does, you're not alone. But what can you do about it?

Well, there are plenty of things that you can do if you're willing to put forth a little effort over the coming weeks. No, strike that. You'll have to put forward A LOT of effort if you're going to pull this off in time.

[Hey, don't blame me! It's not my fault that you've overeaten and sat on your bum all winter!]

First of all, I want you to take out your diary. Starting TODAY I want you to find at least 15 minutes EACH DAY where you'll be able to carry out your conditioning program. Actually make the effort to put this time into the diary just like you would for any other appointment. In fact, this is more important than any other appointment because it's with yourself.

If you have a mobile phone with a reminder on it then programme your appointment there too. In fact, write this appointment down in as many places as you can so that you can't accidentally-on-purpose forget to exercise.

I think you get the idea by now. We're placing MASSIVE priority and importance upon these appointments. If we don't, they simply won't happen!

I can hear some of you saying 'but I really don't have the time to do this everyday!' To that I say 'Rubbish'. If you can't even find 15 minutes then you're simply not trying! 15 minutes is the MINIMUM amount that you'll need. Ideally it'll be twice this amount.

Next, go to your food cupboard and get rid of all of the processed food that you've been storing up. If it's got an 'E' or a number in the ingredients list it's outta there. (As an Elimination Diet subscriber you should already be most of the way there, right?)

From now until your hols you'll be consuming only 'real' food. Any meat or fish you want, any veg or any fruits you fancy as long as they aren't preserved in any way.


The preserving processes that are used on foods make them 'anti-nutrients' with many of them having similar properties to modern plastics. These foods wreak havoc on the digestive and immune systems and can lead to overeating and increased fat storage.

Cleaning up your diet, even without restricting your calorie intake is a fantastic way to change your appearance. After all, we've all heard the old adage 'you are what you eat' haven't we?

And now for the actual workout.

I know what you're thinking. 'How can I possibly make a difference in just 15 minutes a day?'.

Sounds a bit like one of those dodgy infomercial promises doesn't it? Well sure, if I were promising results without effort but that's not the case here. In fact, you're going to have to put forward LOTS of effort to make this work. We're talking consistency AND intensity here, which is normally what's missing in most people's programs.

[Note: I'm assuming that there are no orthopedic or medical problems present. If there are then you should consult your primary health care provider or a certified personal trainer before commencing the program]

Day One

Warm up with some brisk walking, stair climbing or skipping for about 3 min. Perform the following circuit for 30 seconds of each exercise with 30 seconds rest:

1. Squats
2. Shoulder Presses
3. Abdominal Curls
4. Lunges
5. Pushups (or kneeling variation)
6. Dumbell Rows

Repeat the circuit twice.

Now, be sure to build up to this, so don't go all out for the first couple of workouts. However, intensity is important so as soon as you feel able you should really start putting forward as much effort as you can into each 30 seconds.

At the end of the circuits, stretch out each muscle for about 30 seconds.

Day two

This is your CV day. Choose any two or three activities from the list below and perform 3 minute 'bursts' of high effort. Rest for a minute or two in between and then move onto the next activity.

Power Walking
Stair Climbing
Martial arts punch and kick combination s

Or any other CV activity that you may enjoy.

Simply alternate these two days between now and your holiday. If you feel that you may be over training or not recovering then add a third day where you simply stretch out your tight or sore muscles to aid their recovery.

You may be thinking that this approach sounds too simple to yield any significant results but you'd be wrong. In fact, simplicity is the main reason that this approach works. And it really does work!

Give the program a fair try and dedicate 15 minutes a day to these exercises and I guarantee you'll be in far better shape for your holiday than you are right now. The alternative of course, is to do nothing, hope for the best and spend your holiday worried about your wobbly bits.

The choice is yours and only you can make a difference so start now. Today!

See you on the beach!

Dax Moy

P.S - If you need a bit more help with losing the fat even faster, I highly recommend my friend Brad Pilon's Eat Stop Eat diet in conjunction with The Elimination Diet. I've NEVER seen anything work like this combination for rapid fat loss!

Monday, April 13, 2009

The 5 Reasons You're Still Struggling With Your Fat Loss

You know what it's like.

You've tried everything in your power to finally shift that weight that's been hanging on for so long and yet, despite your best efforts (or so you believe) you're still far from the condition you're hoping to achieve and you're baffled.

What's wrong?

Why can't you shift that fat?

From my experience it comes down to one of these 5 things.

1. You're Cheating!

No getting away from this one. We've all done it.

You say you're going to commit 100% to your fat loss goal but then, as soon as you're within sniffing distance of your favourite foods you tell yourself 'just one won't hurt' and before you know it, you're chomping away on the very thing that contributed to your fat gain in the first place.

Here's the deal.

You're an addict.

'Just one' WILL hurt!

Like all addicts you need to go cold turkey to break the cycle of dependence. No ifs, not buts.

The thing is, cheating on your diet accomplishes nothing. it keeps things exactly how they are. It keeps YOU exactly how YOU are!

Don't cheat!

2. You've Lost Your Why

I can't remember who first said it but the quote goes 'those that have a strong enough why will overcome almost any how'. This means, of course, if you have a good enough reason for doing what you need to do, you'll find the way to to do it, even if it's hard.

The flip side of this should be obvious.

If you're not clear on why you're doing what you're doing then practically anything you need to do to accomplish your goal will appear difficult, if not impossible.

You'll experience everything as obstacles rather than opportunities and feel that you're more likely to fail than succeed.

That's not a great foundation to build your goals upon is it?

Identify your why.

Be honest with yourself, why do you want to lose that fat? Yes, to look good in your bikini, we know that but what else? What's the REAL reason? Dig deep and find the real why and you'll increase your likelihood to achieve it a hundredfold.

3. You don't know what you want

Sure, you've set a goal to 'lose weight' or 'get fit' or 'tone up' but you've never absolutely, positively set a specific target.

There's a big difference between a weight loss goal like the ones above and 'I'm going to lose 50lbs by June 1st 2009' isn't there?

See, the thing is, you can't hit a target you can't see. So be specific. Set a big, obvious, prominent target with a specific timeline and commit to THAT timeline rather than being vague about 'losing some weight'.

What goal are YOU aiming at?

This is critical to know. Ignore it at your peril!

4. You're Trying to do it alone

You're not an expert on fatloss. if you were, you wouldn't be trying to lose fat, right? : )

So why are you trying to do this alone or with limited knowledge on losing fat?

Stop it now!

If you didn't know about your car engine, I'm sure you wouldn't attempt to strip down the engine block on your own right? You'd get a mechanic to do the job.

Your body is far more important than your car so stop tinkering with and and guessing and hoping that what you're doing is going to work.

Instead, seek out fat loss experts who'll give you the PROVEN dietary and exercise guidance that they use to get results for their clients, follow their advice and get those results for yourself. Hardly rocket science, but the number of people actually doing this are few and far between. And funnily enough, practically all of them have great physiques!

Take a look at some of these results HERE for women and HERE for men and you'll see what a difference it makes to get professional advice.

5. You're Trying to do it alone part 2

Once you've gotten your professionally designed program, you're not cheating, you know your why and you have a laser like focus on the specific goals you want to achieve then make sure you find and join a support group to keep your motivation high. This is not just a suggestion, it's a necessity!

You see, those who are attempting massive changes in their health, fitness and appearance often undergo massive swings in motivation with huge highs and dramatic lows. It's during the lows that self-doubt and the feelings to quit come into play and, before you know it you've cheated, told yourself you'll never succeed and quit the program that you started out on with such high hopes.

Having support means that this won't happen.

Sure, you'll still get the swings, the highs, the lows but you'll be talking to people that are going through the same as you, experiencing the same problems and feelings and who know what you're going through. They'll drag you back up when you're flagging and you can return the favour when they need it.

This is win-win and is responsible for more people achieving their health and fitness goals than practically any other reason.

Get support and you're most of the way there, do it alone and the goal feels miles off.

There you have, the top 5 reasons why your fat loss goals fail.

And also the prescription you need to make sure they never fail again, right?

Apply all 5 steps and your fat loss is guaranteed!

Speak soon!

Dax Moy
The UK's Leading Personal Trainer

Saturday, April 11, 2009

No B.S Advice To Get The Most Out Of Your Elimination Diet

I get a lot of emails from people asking me what they need to do to get the most from the 30 day elimination diet program.

A lot!

It seems that people are always looking for 'tweaks' to jazz up the program or, more commonly, acceptable alternatives (read cheats) that they can employ to make the program better fit their 'lifestyle' as they put it.

So look, here's my feedback to you all.

You might not like all that you hear but nonetheless it's true with no B.S involved, meaning that you'll get better results faster.

Time for some straight-talk.

Sound good to you?

1. Just Follow the Diet... To the Letter!

Very few people write me to say that they got disappointing results from the diet, but those that do are always, ALWAYS those who try to get cute with the diet and change it in some way.

Leave it alone.

It works.

Just follow it for 30 days, keep all the banned foods from your diet for the entire time and Bob's your uncle, results guaranteed!

Mess with it, change it and convince yourself that 'a little change here and there won't hurt' and you're no longer following the protocol. If you're no longer following the protocol you're no longer guaranteed results.

You need to ask yourself this simple question.

'Do I want results or do I want to do things my way?'

No offence intended to anyone here but if you're downloading a dietary system off the web, you're probably not happy with one or more aspects of your health, fitness or physique, all of which you've had 100% control over developing up to this point... and failed. Or at least, haven't achieved what you want to achieve in these areas.

So your way's not working.

Yet I know for a fact that my way does. EVERY TIME!

Look, the elimination diet is just 30 days long, it'll give you great results IF YOU DON'T MESS WITH IT.

So don't mess with it ok?

Read the manual. Follow the manual. Take nothing away. Add nothing. Change nothing. Results guaranteed.

Couldn't be simpler : )

Get Active

The elimination diet is powerful in and of itself even without exercise. On average, the 38,000 people that have been through the program so far have lost between 15 and 20lbs in the 30 days.

Many have lost more.

MUCH more.

But those who go on to break double-digits in fat loss have nearly always added exercise to their programs and so should you if you want to make the most of your time on the program.

The best program is one that includes resistance training in a 'circuit training' style or supersets. The one i recommend most is from my good buddy Craig Ballantyne at Turbulence Training. The program is a great accompaniment to the Elimination Diet and will speed up your fat loss better than practically everything else I've come across.

Turbulence Training

That said, you don't HAVE TO have a professionally designed program. Just getting more active on a daily basis will help. Committing to a bodyweight or freeweight routine 3 times a week will really tip the balance in favor of fatloss and changing your body shape fast.

Whatever you do though, do SOMETHING!

Don't just sit on your butt HOPING that you'll change your body shape. That's what you've been doing up til now and it hasn't worked so why would it suddenly start working now?

Guarantee your results by being proACTIVE and committing to making it happen and it will. Sit on your butt and nothing happens. Your choice.

Stop Blaming Willpower. You Don't Need It!

There may be times during the elimination diet when you find yourself in social situations where following the diet will be hard. Your willpower will be tested.

Deal with it.

I know that sounds uncaring but it really isn't.

I mean, plan ahead and actually deal with it.

Bring suitable foods or snacks of your own, phone ahead to find out what the menu is in advance so that you can plan or simply don't go. Just don't whine and complain that there's nothing you can do about it. There is. No-one can MAKE you eat and drink the foods that are banned on the diet.

You choose to.

Admit it and you're immediately empowered.

Deny it and you put all the problems related to your health, fitness and physique 'out there' by saying that you don't play a part in creating the body you wear.

Plan and create your menu in advance or choose not to go. You don't have to slip up. You choose to...

...or not!

Don't Quit

Stay with the diet.

It's only 30 days.

The results are guaranteed.

It's free.

All the information and resources required to make the changes you claim you want are right here, right now and free.

What more do you want?

You need to make a true decision and commitment to finishing the 30 days and on no account even entertain the idea that you won't finish it. The word decision mean 'to cut off from all other possibilities'. Have you?

Don't look for a get out of jail free card.

There isn't one.

If you don't commit to the program then you won't get the results you want. In effect, you're back in jail. Trapped in the body you no longer want.

The only breakout comes from finishing what you start.

So finish!

It Ain't So Hard!

Look, the truth is that whilst the elimination diet may be challenging to some at first, it's not really that hard. You're being asked to kick out the foods that have built the body you're wearing. The body you no longer want.

You say you want better so make it happen.

And it's 30 days.

Just 30 days.

And they're going to pass anyway, regardless of whether you do the program right or not, right?

Just like the last 30 and the 30 before that and the 30 before that.

Time passes, that's inevitable.

You can't do anything about it.

But what you can choose, what you have 100% control over, is what you spend that time on.

So spend it well and commit.

Your results are waiting!

Get to it : )

Dax Moy
The UK's Leading Fitness and Fatloss Community

Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Smoking is Safe... Here Is The Proof!

Since I've been writing recently about organic foods and the dangers of pesticides I've been getting a lot of emails from people telling me that I should be more 'careful' about making unsubstantiated claims about potential hazards (I say a lot, I got about 16 or so out of a mailing list of 38,000 people so not really that many).

"After all, you're not a doctor" they reminded me "if there were any problems with pesticides in food then the medical community would be the first to let us know"

They're right of course.

About me not being a doctor, I mean.

I'm not.

But then, who said doctors were right about health, anyway?

Yes, I know they're old clips but still, at the time these ads were filmed, doctors were supporting smoking as being harmless.

Puts a different spin on 'medical proof' doesn't it?

Back to the subject of pesticides in and on food, the tins they come in say 'poison - biohazard!', those that work with them wear protective clothing and hundreds of thousands of deaths occur every year from accidental ingestion of them.

You don't need a medical study to tell you that a diet consisting of foods that have been heavily treated with pesticides is not good for your health. It is, or should be, common sense.

Look, I'm not here to beat you over the head with organic vs non-organic. I'm not a green activist or anything like that, but given that most people reading my posts want to look, feel and perform better than they currently do, it makes sense to tell you what may be keeping you from achieving those things, right?

The Elimination diet is a major step in the right direction. No calorie counting, no meal restrictions, no weighing and measuring or any other nonsense, just good, clean, healthy and wholesome foods that are free of nasties.

You don't have to believe it'll work.

Just suspend disbelief for 30 days then make your own mind up about who to believe.

Dax Moy
The UK's Leading Personal Trainer

P.S - The Elimination Diet Is FREE and has helped 38,321 people achieve amazing results... want some?