Monday, July 14, 2008

Look Great Naked Challenge Winners Announced

After 90 days on the second full Look Great Naked Challenge Transformation contest of 2008 I'm pleased to announce that I've chosen a winner for the priize of a luxury 2 week vacation to Thailand.

It's Barbara (Babs) Waters from Manchester, UK!

Babs really took the challenge to heart and applied each and every one of the principles taught to her during the challenge and, as the pictures show, she's accomplished some amazing changes.

Her stats have changes dramatically over the 90 days:

Chest: Lost 7 cm

Waist: Lost 18.5cm (that's 8 3/4 inches!)

Hips: Lost 15cm

Thighs: 9cm

and she lost a total of 33.2lbs (or nearly two and a half stones in weight)

I told you the results were pretty amazing! : )

If you're thinking that Babs must have had some unfair advantages or that you could never achieve what she has then think again. Babs is no different to the thousands of people from my elimination diet newsletter who write me every month.

She's the same stresses, the same time commitments and the same temptations as everyone else, yet by applying herslef to the Look Great Naked Challenge she was able to achieve an amazing transformation that most people can only ever dream of.

Read her Journey through the program in her own, unedited words.

"In the past (my 20s – 30s) my weight was fairly stable – somewhere between 8 and 9 stone (112 – 126lbs) , and a size 10/12. I even managed to return to around 8 stone just a few months after two pregnancies. However, over the past 5 years, my weight has gradually crept upwards. This has largely been due to work-related stress (threat of redundancy, promotion, having to reapply for my job, etc.), which has seen me turn to food and drink for comfort.

Over the past few years I have tried all sorts of things to lose weight….from a 7 day juice diet (I lost 7lbs in 7 days, but then put it back on nearly as quickly), to Slendertone belts, detox diets, over-the-counter diet pills and metabolism-boosting coffee…..none of them worked long-term, and my weight gradually crept up to 11.5 stone (161 lbs) – the heaviest that I’ve ever been.

Not only was I getting heavier, but I also started to feel more and more unfit. I think I really decided I needed to take serious action when I was skiing at Easter this year – I am a good skier, but after buying yet another ski suit to fit my ever-expanding body, I found that I couldn’t even manage a full day of hard skiing.

I discovered the Elimination Diet a year or so ago – I had downloaded it, but done very little about it. I’d also signed up for a free 10 day trial of the 90 Day Challenge….but again, I’d done nothing about it, except read the emails….I needed some more motivation!

Finally, after several emails from Dax offering a holiday in Thailand, and one too many bottles of Pinot Grigio, I signed up for the 90 Day Challenge. When I woke up in the morning, slightly hungover, my first thought was “what have I done?”, but having paid for it, I thought I should give it a go!

The things that appealed to me about the programme were the sensible combination of diet and exercise. The diet wasn’t too prescriptive – I could adapt it to incorporate my usual foods; and the exercise wasn’t too onerous – just 15 mins, twice a day.

For the most part, food wasn’t too much of a problem – I haven’t really missed wheat, milk or processed foods, and have even managed without using the microwave too much.

Drink was more of an issue for me – as a real caffeine addict (the coffee shop at work make me a large black filter before I’ve even got to the cash desk), and a heavy drinker (somewhere between half and one bottle of wine a night), I have struggled to eliminate all the bad stuff from my diet, but I have managed to drink both in moderation (my alcohol intake for the whole of the challenge, has been equivalent to an average week’s intake before the challenge – so my liver is grateful, if nothing else!).

Exercise is another matter – I’ve never exercised regularly before.

For the first six weeks, I didn’t miss a single exercise session on the challenge, but half-way through I had a difficult period at work. First, I went to Greece on business for a week – cue lots of non-diet eating and drinking, and very little exercise; then, it was a busy assessment period, which saw me working until the early hours of the morning each day, leaving me no time to exercise.

Those few weeks were a real low point, and I think I might have given up, if it wasn’t for the support of the other people in the blog network.

There have been several highs for me too: losing weight week after week; being able to see a significant difference in my shape in the week 5 photos and finding my flexibility and capacity for exercise increasing over the weeks.

So what I have achieved in 90 days?

I’ve lost over 33lbs, dropping from 161 to 127.7lbs; I’ve dropped 3 dress sizes, from UK size 16/18 to 10/12; my waist has reduced by 18.5cm, and my hips have reduced by 15cm, my BMI has reduced from 31.7 (obese) to 25.1 (nearly ideal); and my body fat level has dropped from 44.1% to 31.9%.

Most importantly, I not only look different, but feel different. I am slimmer, healthier and happier, and very, very grateful!"

Babs Waters, Manchester UK

Amazing huh?

As I said, Babs now has the pleasure of a luxury vacation to Thailand as a reward for all her efforts, but that's not the real prize here.

Babs has been taught a system that she can apply FOR LIFE not just as a quick-fix, short-lived strategy. Because of this, I'm sure we'll be hearing of even better results from her in the very near future.

Well done Babs!

Dax Moy

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Now what's your excuse? : )