Friday, August 22, 2008

Dax Moy's 'Moy Thai' Kickboxing workout

Well, I’m now almost 3 weeks into my family summer vacation to beautiful Thailand and I’ve really been enjoying the time to rest, regenerate and re-inspire myself with new sights, new sounds and new experiences.

Of course, there’s a lot of pool time and playing at the beach, but we’ve also been elephant trekking. (My son Connor actually rode on the neck of our elephant ‘Bae’) As well as an amazing (though unintentional) off road adventure on the motorbikes we’ve hired for the duration of our stay here.

I’ve also started a 10-day intensive program of muay thai kickboxing training and, I’ve gotta tell you, despite the fact that I’m a pretty big, strong, and fit guy, the three hour workout they put me through yesterday almost killed me J.

10 X 4 minute rounds of skipping

Hill running

5 X 4 rounds of padwork in the ring.

Pushups, situps, tuck jumps.

5 rounds of heavy bag work punching

5 rounds of heavy bag work kicking

elbow striking

knee striking

,…and collapse in a sweaty mess at the end!(hey, it was 34 degrees and 90% humidity too!)


One of the things I noticed about the trainers and athletes alike was that they were not particularly lean. They certainly weren’t fat mind you, but considering they perform 2 of these marathon training sessions a day, six days a week, you’d expect them all to be super-leaner.

They weren’t.

The reason?

Like I’ve been telling you for some time, long workouts are not the most officient way to get rid of fat. Sure, they’ll give you great stamina, great endurance (which is what every fighter needs) but they won’t burn as much fat as you might think.

In fact, they may actually keep you from getting lean and lovely (I’ve explained about the affects of too much cortisol before).

But if you want a fun, fast fat-burning wornout with a muay-thai kickboxing flavor, but don’t want to spend 3 hours at it then try out my ‘MOY –THAI’ workout below.

Ø skipping

Ø pushups (on knuckles if you’re up to it)

Ø jab/cross combinations (on bag if you can)

Ø crunches

Ø front kick (alternating legs)

Ø uppercuts (alternating)

Ø skipping

Ø squat and jump

Perform 20 seconds of an activity then rest for 20 seconds. Repeat until all 8 exercises are done.

This is 1 ‘round’ of 4 minutes.

Rest for 2 minutes then repeat

For 3-4 rounds for a full-on fat burning workout.

Don’t forget to write me and tell me how you got on.

As for me, I’ve got to get to my next marathon training session!

Speak soon!


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