Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Smoking is Safe... Here Is The Proof!

Since I've been writing recently about organic foods and the dangers of pesticides I've been getting a lot of emails from people telling me that I should be more 'careful' about making unsubstantiated claims about potential hazards (I say a lot, I got about 16 or so out of a mailing list of 38,000 people so not really that many).

"After all, you're not a doctor" they reminded me "if there were any problems with pesticides in food then the medical community would be the first to let us know"

They're right of course.

About me not being a doctor, I mean.

I'm not.

But then, who said doctors were right about health, anyway?

Yes, I know they're old clips but still, at the time these ads were filmed, doctors were supporting smoking as being harmless.

Puts a different spin on 'medical proof' doesn't it?

Back to the subject of pesticides in and on food, the tins they come in say 'poison - biohazard!', those that work with them wear protective clothing and hundreds of thousands of deaths occur every year from accidental ingestion of them.

You don't need a medical study to tell you that a diet consisting of foods that have been heavily treated with pesticides is not good for your health. It is, or should be, common sense.

Look, I'm not here to beat you over the head with organic vs non-organic. I'm not a green activist or anything like that, but given that most people reading my posts want to look, feel and perform better than they currently do, it makes sense to tell you what may be keeping you from achieving those things, right?

The Elimination diet is a major step in the right direction. No calorie counting, no meal restrictions, no weighing and measuring or any other nonsense, just good, clean, healthy and wholesome foods that are free of nasties.

You don't have to believe it'll work.

Just suspend disbelief for 30 days then make your own mind up about who to believe.

Dax Moy
The UK's Leading Personal Trainer

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Preciouskitten said...

People don't understand the fine line doctors are required to walk when it comes to things that haven't been indisputably proven. If they speak out against something like the chemicals in food, they're labeled as a quack.

I know and have known personally quite a few in the medical profession. The things they believe and the things they'll tell their patients are worlds apart. If confronted publicly, they spout the mainstream beliefs, as they are taught to say them. They can't risk losing their license or being labeled by their patients as an extremist.

It's always best to use common sense in these sorts of matters. The truth will come out eventually, and no matter which way it goes, you've done what you could based on the information you had at the time and can feel good about that.

sonia said...

Dear Dax,

are two 20 mins 'killer' circuit workouts better than one 40 min intense circuit workout? Does it make any difference as long as I am working out untill exhaustion? Would you agree that interval cardio before breakfast (6 days) PLUS 45 mins circuit workout (stations with lighter weights and reps between 20-40 and stations with heavier weights and 8-15 reps) 3 days w week is a good enough fat burning program?

Thank you for a fantastic website!