Wednesday, July 15, 2009

London Personal Trainer Recommends Vegetarian Meal Plans

Are You - Or Should You Be - A Vegetarian?

Well, to be honest, my personal opinion is no.

I believe that as humans we've evolved to be able to both enjoy and benefit from good, clean, organic meats that have been raised naturally and slaughtered humanely for our consumption.

On top of this, I just ENJOY meat in my diet and feel far better when it's present than when it's not.

That said, I acknowledge and respect the right to choose too and I certainly don't knock anyone for choosing to adopt vegetarian or vegan approaches to healthy living.

In fact, since I first wrote the elimination diet program 3 years ago I've often been asked about how the ED and vegetarian lifestyles can be best combined to bring about the best results.

And I've mostly had no answer.

See, I only really advise on things I know about and as a self-confessed carnivore I know very little about 'real life'vegetarianism. Trouble is, I didn't really know of many resources to refer my readers to either...

...until now!

I've been looking for a true-blue vegetarian and vegan expert who could advise my readers on how to utilise 'use the same day'principles into their nutritional approaches and, well, I think I've found one.

Vegan and vegetarian nutrition expert Kardena Pauza is just putting the finishing touches on a product she's calling, surprise, surprise, Easy Veggie Meal Plans. I've managed to get a bit of an inside scoop, and I like what I've seen so far and think that you might too.

Now, it's not 100% compatible with the ED (Just a little too much cheese for my liking) but still, with a few minor tweaks the approach will definitely work for you.

Kardena has put together a couple of excellent free meal plans and a free report called 'The 10 Vegetarian Foods NOT To Eat On A Weight Loss Program' which I think is just great. You should definitely check out food number 3... shocking! <= You can grab your free meal plans and report here

The report's even worth getting if you're NOT a veggie as there's some solid information in there that most of us could benefit from.

So look, do me a favor will you?

Download the reports and tell me what you think of them. As I said, I'm not vegetarian and have no intention of becoming one but I'd love to know what others are thinking of Kardena's approach to nutrition so that I can recommend it in the future... or not.

So once you've read it, pop back here and tell me your thoughts.

I'd LOVE to hear 'em!

Go on then... go get the freebie : )

Dax Moy

P.S - Kardena's report is coming down at the weekend, or so I've been told, so get on over to
right away!


Glynis said...

I'm pretty tired of the whole thing where Craig Ballantyne is pushing his vegetarian experiment -- and John Berardi did one before that. As far as I can see, it's just part of "how to make more money" for Turbulence Training and Precision Nutrition... "I know, let's target vegetarians!"

There is nothing *easy* about those meal plans. Nothing at all. Looks like a royal pain in the ... They're certainly not friendly for people with food allergies. If you're allergic to nuts, you're screwed.

Vegetarian diets are notoriously lacking in Vitamin D and B-12. Even Ghandi, after promoting vegetarianism, came to include that animal products were necessary for human health.

Iron, zinc, phosphorus, sodium & potassium are generally low in hair analysis of vegetarians -- and apparently adrenal burnout can occur with these deficiencies. Add that to the elevated copper levels... yikes.

Anyhow, this is one fad that I have no intention of jumping after. While I may not really like steak, I love my chicken!

Jami said...

I was really excited to read her meal plans and had been waiting on them for a while through Craig's website. However I was pretty disappointed when getting them because the majority of the protein sources are coming from soy based products. While I do believe these are ok in limited amounts, getting more than 1 serving per day I believe is unhealthy. So I am back to the drawing board in looking for healthy vegetarian meal plans!

DaxMoy said...

Hi Glynis

That's why I asked my readers to check it out : )

I'm a carnivore through and through and so don't 'get' vegetarian and vegan diets yet I get lots of emails about them.

Take your point about earning money from products but then, if someone benefits from the info that's more than fair don't you think? After all, trainers gotta eat too : )

I'm with you on the chicken and steak! : )


DaxMoy said...

Hi Jami

You know, I agree with you here too!

I think soy is super over-rated as a health food. Esp here in the west. In Asia fermented soy is pretty decent stuff (or so I hear) but the west...

Personally, I'd never touch soy in anything other than a miso soup as I can't stand the 'fake meat' that veggies seem to enjoy so much.


I'm off for a burger : )


Glynis said...

I agree - got to be able to put that steak on the table! :) I just hate when so much forceful marketing is done that weak-willed people get sucked right in. Like lemmings...

I believe that not only is soy overrated - it is the kiss of death for people with thyroid issues. It's a goitregen and blocks the thyroid from using iodine to make T4. That and its abundance of phyto-estrogens can really whack a person's body out. Not what any one needs when they're trying to be fit, healthy and sane.