Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Here's how To Lose 4lbs In 24hours Without Counting Calories, Popping Pills Or.... Being Stupid!

Man... this has been TOUGH!

So many great people wanting to join the program but limited places and yes, they've all been filled.


I know there'll be a lot of disappointed people reading this but I have to give my all to the group going through right now...

And BOY are they going through!

We're ONE DAY into the trial and already they're getting results.

I kid you not.

On average they've 2lb since starting the program yesterday with Liz Roddis hitting a 4lb weightloss already.

But it's not just the weight.

Already the inches are falling away. Sarah has lost 1.5 inches from her waist already, Natasha has lost a combine 1.75 inches and others are reporting similar.

Remember, this is WITHOUT calorie counting, without supplements and without going hungry. There are no pills, powders or skinny shakes and they're all allowed to eat freely.

They've only done about 1 hour of exercise too.

Now sure, I'm not going to pretend that people have lost 4lbs of fat. They haven't. There's fat in there for sure, but what they're already experiencing is the effect of giving up 'bloat' water from their bodies due to the elimination diet and the heightened metabolism from my 'sneaky' metabolic triggering techniques.

We've a long way to go for sure, but I'd say that these guys are doing pretty well for 1 day wouldn't you?

I'll be posting updates here throughout the trial and, of course, telling YOU how you can increase the speed of your own results, but if you want to hear 'from the horses mouth' from these guys and ask them questions or just give 'em a little support.

I want you to see that this is real and not just some figment of Dax Moy's marketing imagination : )

Liz Roddis http//my30lbin30dayschallenge.blogspot.com/ (ask her about that 4lb!)

Sarah Brookes http://chocolatebuttonschallenge.blogspot.com

Petra http://britgrls30in30challenge.blogspot.com/

Natasha Broke http://natasha30lbsin30dayschallenge.blogspot.com/

Angela http://angelas30in30challenge.blogspot.com/

Melanie http://carpediem-melanies30-in-30challenge.blogspot.com/

Melissa <http://melissa-honeybeethemainebuzz.blogspot.com/

Joan http://joans30in30.blogspot.com/

Margot http://margot30in30challenge.blogspot.com/

Martin http://2dogs30in30challenge.blogspot.com

More to come!

I'll post 'em tomorrow!

Til then, why not get started on YOUR Elimination Diet again?

It's FREE and you'll get TONS of great results and you can get support from all the great people in my community at www.daxmoy.ning.com

If you were going to do 30 in 30 anyway, why not do the diet component? There's a bunch of great exercise tips in my community too...

See you there!

Dax moy
London's Leading Personal Trainer

P.S - YOU could be 2-4lbs lighter by tomorrow too if you get started today, right?


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Field of Dreams said...

Hi there, Dax!

I realise how hard it was to pick just a few out of almost 400 applicants, but I haven't given up on myself.

The biggest question I have concerns exercise. Granted I am very overweight, but most days it's all I can do to move around the house, although I manage to take my dog out for a bit of a walk. Exercise for anything involving legs and especially knees is currently out of the question.

So I'd really like to know. How would you deal with someone such as me, if I showed up and said, here I am, I have been following the elimination diet and I have lost some weight, but how can you help me with exercise? Is there anything you'd have to suggest?

I'd really like to know.

All the best

Anonymous said...

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