Thursday, December 28, 2006

New Elimination Diet Samples Gone Mad!!

I've been writing my elimination diet newsletter for nearly 18 months now and in that time it has grown to well over 10,000 subscribers from all around the world.

Yet, sitting in your office as you write, you tend to forget that these 10,000 are actually out there, lurking : ), waiting for something new, something unusual, something that that can use to get serious results fast.

Well, I had a not-so-gentle reminder of that this morning when I woke to find over 3 and a half THOUSAND emails in my inbox asking me, begging me, pleading (actually some were quite threatening) to be given my 5 day meal planner.

It was nuts! This is simply a free download that I'd offered to my readers, nothing to go into a feeding frenzy (excuse the pun) over!

Now, don't get me wrong, as a professional personal trainer, I'm always pleased when people contact me about one of my services but 3,500 people for a free download??

I was puzzled...

Then it hit me!

Christmas and New Year have already taken their toll.

People have gotten fat, gained weight and slobbed out for most of December and now, with New Year fast approaching, they're desperate to lose fat, get fit and 'tone up' (whatever that means) and they'll do ANYTHING to get nutrition, diet and exercise advice... as long as it works!

The only trouble is, the big diet and supplement companies know this and they're more than willing to take advantage and squeeze as much money out of the unsuspecting public as possible for useless crap that simply doesn't work.

That's why I was very pleased to get an email from my good friend Craig Ballantyne over at Mens Health Magazine this afternoon.

Apparently, his Best-Selling Turbulence Training Exercise and Nutrition Manual is in the last 24 hours of a seriously amazing Christmas sale that promises to over-deliver on a grand scale.

Craig has packed a bumper load of extra bonuses into an already excellent product and has really outdone himself with exercise plan, nutrition plans and the very latest in cutting-edge training to burn serious bodyfat.

I won't tell you more about it here or you'll think I'm doing a sales job on you but understand this; In my entire career I have never gone out of my way to recommend a product from another personal trainer, yet I do so more than happily and in the full knowledge that Craig's Turbulence Training will deliver the good.

Pop over to and make up your own mind.

Truth, Joy and love


BTW - You can download the elimination diet at

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