Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Turbulence Training Six Pack Abs Sale

My good buddy Craig Ballantyne has gone a little crazy, and is declaring this weekend to be Ballantyne's Day (I think he needs to learn how to spell) : )

Anyway, to celebrate, he's giving you TWO free workouts and 25% off his landmark NO-crunch Turbulence Training for Abs workouts. Plus, you'll get 3 months free into the TT Member's site for even more workouts and you'll be able to ask him your personal workout and diet questions.

Check out his "I Love My Abs" Ballantyne's Day sale here:


But hurry, the sale ends on Friday, February 13th, BEFORE Valentine's
Day (see, I told you he was crazy!).

Say yes to burning belly fat and getting six pack abs,

Dax Moy

PS - Don't miss his article on the 5 biggest ab training myths at:


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