Thursday, May 21, 2009

3 Foods You Should NEVER Eat!

Thanks to my buddy Craig Ballantyne over at Turbulence Training who's email newsletter this afternoon prompted me to write this article.

It's a hard thing to say NEVER about anything.

Never is a long time.

Never is... EVER, right?

So, given that I'm not an extremist, I guess I should retitle this to ' 3 Foods You Should Never Eat If You're Serious About Losing Fat And Getting Into Great Shape'

Fair enough?

So, what are they?

What are these foods that are likely to cost you the look and feel of the body you want?

Let's see...

No.1 - Wheat

For several reasons, wheat has an amazing ability to keep you from looking and feeling great due to the fact that, in its processed form, ground wheat flour practically becomes sugar, pure high glycemic carbohydrate that'll whack your insulin sky high and command your cells to store fat.

If that wasn't bad enough, many people are intolerant to processed wheat flour meaning that they suffer gastro-intestinal problems that can interfere with the digestion of other foods. This intolerance often leads to the storage of a huge amount of extra water into the system as the body tries to 'dilute' the effect of the wheat.

For this reason, skip wheat in all its forms while you're trying to get into great shape and only add it back in small amounts to monitor its effect on your body.

No.2 - Pasteurised/Homogenised Milk Products

Can milk really be that bad?

After all, most of us grew up on milk when we were younger and it didn't do us any harm... did it?

Well, that's a moot point as we can't turn back the clock and see what it was doing to you but the truth is, the milk we get in the stores today is far, far inferior to the stuff we used to drink when we were kids (especially when you're 38 like me!).

Back then you'd get thick, creamy milk with that glop of cream that clogged the mouth of the bottle when you first bought it. Not so today. Homogenisation means that the fat in the milk is now broken down into tiny molecules that hang suspended throughout the milk rather than floating to the top.

This is not done for the benefit of the drinker, rather it's done to extend the 'shelf life' of the milk out to as much as 11 days. Trouble is these micro-molecules of fat are largely undigestible and may even be harmful due to the fact that increases levels of Xanthine Oxydase in the bloodstream which is closely linked with heart disease.

Pasteurisation's not too good either.

First of all, the flash heating of the milk kills of the very enzymes that could help us to digest the milk in the first place, leaving our own stomaches to work overtime in the digestion process. Then, consider that the calcium is rendered indigestible by the process, the vitamin A is wiped out and the B and C vitamins are reduced by half (or more) and you realise that you're drinking calories with very few nutrients.

Why bother?

No.3 - Caffeine

Caffeine is the world's most widely drug.

And it IS a drug!

(I should know, I can, at times, be the world's biggest addict!)

Sure, we drink it socially, we relax to it (or think we are) and we tend to see it as pretty harmless. Because of this we drink bloody gallons of the stuff!

In fact, whilst the average consumption of caffeine worldwide is around 76mg, the US, Canada and UK are far closer on average to 300mg with Finland and Sweden approaching 400mg.

What's the problem with this?

Well, excessive caffeine consumption can and does lead to either chronic stress or adrenal fatigue which, among other things is often accompanied by malabsorption and maldigestion of nutrients, weakness, breakdown of muscle tissue, increased abdominal fat, blood sugar disturbances and more.

Also, it's PROVEN that caffeine adversely affects sleep which is vital component of any fat loss or muscle building program.

Still want that cup of coffee or tea?

Look, I'm not saying that you're never going to have a spaghetti, a glass of milk or a cup of coffee ever again. I like all of those things myself from time to time. But the truth is, when taken regularly, when consumed in large amounts or as the staple of your diet they're all bad stuff.

When taken during your attempts to shift bodyfat fast, they're worse!

Sure, there's a lot of conflicting information out there about these things. One 'expert' tell you to avoid them, one say you can have a little and yet another tells you that you can eat freely of them all.

Who's right?

Well, given that over 38,000 people have downloaded and used my FREE Elimination Diet to amazing effect, losing on average 15-25lbs in 30 days, I'll freely admit to you that I'm biased in my answer. I've seen these principles bring about changes like nothing else, and all without counting calories or weighing foods.

Sure, we all want to believe that 'cheat' diets that allow pizza, potato chips, donuts and coke will be ok, but we know that's not true don't we?

Just look around at all the people you know who are eating that stuff and decide for yourself whether that route is the right one or not.

I'll be back tomorrow with another 3 foods you should never eat but until then, pop on over to My FREE Elimination Diet and grab a copy for yourself. You don't HAVE to do it, just grab it check it out.

You'll soon realise why the only real way to 'lean up' and drop body fat is to clean-up.

Seeya tomorrow!

Dax Moy
The UK's Leading
Performance Coach


Joanne said...

What about long life soy milk? Is that allowed in the ED?

lucky piggy said...

What if one transforms the homogenised and pasteurised milk into kefir. Is it still bad?

Thank you. Great article.