Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Another new 4 minute workout

With the bank holiday weekend here in the UK now over, I'm reminded
that summer is well and truly on the way and that the annual mad
rush to get in shape is about to begin in earnest.

Other than the first craziness of January when everyone rushes to
take out gym memberships (and quits them within 6 weeks!), these
next 2-3 months are, without a doubt, the busiest time of the year
for people in my profession.

Yet, just like with the January crowd, it doesn't take too long
before the reasons, justifications and downright excuses kick in
and people start seeking reasons to quit.

Now, there are tons and tons of reasons but, by far, the most
'popular' one is time.

It seems that people simply cannot fit everything they need to do
in life into a 24 hour period AND still find time to work out.

I sympathise. I really do.

I run 5 businesses and have a large family and, despite the fact
that I work in a fitness environment and it's my profession, I
still struggle to find time too.

That's why I'm always creating workout systems that can be done
fast (normally in less than 20 minutes) so that people can get in,
get out and still get results without having their programs take
over their lives.

The Look Great Naked Challenge is a great example of that. All the
workouts are 30 minutes or less with many being much, much faster.

And my soon to be released '4x4 Fatloss' program is even faster!

Just 16 minutes a day will provide all the fat burning and
body-sculpting results of the traditional hour-long workouts you've
become accustomed to.

In fact, you may have already tried some of them.(If not, look at previous posts on this blog and get to it!)

If not, here's another chance to experience one of my new 4 minute
workouts for yourself.

You can get more workouts just like this as part of my Look Great Naked Challenge for just £10 a week.

To your success

Dax Moy

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