Monday, November 06, 2006

Can 4 Minute Workouts Work?

I've been doing a lot of work here in the UK recently to develop my new MELTDOWN Programme which is designed to create rapid fat loss whilst at the same time building firm, strong muscles (no, NOT bodybuilding).

The workouts have gained a lot of attention in the press recently (,,1836032,00.html) and have had my in-box filled with questions not only about getting hold of the programme but also...'Does it work?'

To the first, I'm currently writing MELTDOWN into a new book with 20 different workouts for people of varying fitness and with different goals and need.

To the second, the answer is a definite 'Yes'.

As short as it sounds, 4 minutes CAN and DOES produce some amazing effects in strength, endurance, fat loss, flexibility and co-ordination. It really does work!

Look at the news reporter that I put through a single 4 minute protocol here:

Now, I'd love to take full credit for this system but it was Prof. Tabata at the Tokyo Institute of Sport and Exercise who first developed it.

What I've done is added new exercises, new patterns (what I call matrix) and a seriously effective dietary programme to speed up the effects and make the most of your training. You'll also receive a full programme that develops through from a single 4 minute workout through to a full 30 minute 'mega-matrix' that will tax even the fittest of athletes.

It'll be here for Jan 1st, just in time to get rid of the Christmas blubber.

Keep your eyes peeled!


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