Thursday, November 02, 2006

Guinea pig updates


The last couple of days at my studio have been absolutely mad!!

We've dealt with over 200 enquiries from people wanting to join the programme and have almost shosen our final 16 (it's a bit like pop-idol!).

Kevin Raison, my course director has really had his hands full with dealing with everyone so far, as well as, believe it or not, a few people who said that they weree willing to attend the course but....

They WOULD NOT be willing to give up wheat, dairy, caffeine, alcohol or sugar (though they would happily change to a healthy eating plan)

Thought that daily exercise sounded a bit obsessive and instead would consent to 'a couple of times a week' .

And will attend all sessions but might not be able to come to about 50% of them...


People are strange arhey not?

This is a free weight management course that we're offering here and people want us to change it for THEM!!!

What do you think their chances are?

Anyway, we still have 3 places left so if you're interested then get your application into kevin by emailing

To your success


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