Friday, November 03, 2006

Energy and Persistence

"Energy and Persistence conquer All Things" - Benjamin Franklin
That quote really hits home today as I finally 'put to bed' several MAJOR goals that I've been working on over the last year. Goals that, at times, felt like they were never going to come true.
Some of my readers know that earlier this year, on the eve of publishing several books and delivering the biggest seminar of my life (and the biggest paycheque too), my car got broken into whilst I was paying for gas at a service station.
That wouldn't have been a problem if my laptop, hard-drive and backup discs hadn't been inside at the time but, as I was going to my publishers with several finished products, they were.
That little incident cost me over £50,000 in seminar refunds and several years of lost research.
What was even more damaging though, was what was really taken at the time.
All of those late nights when I was writing or researching...
All of those evenings when I ignored my family in order to do 'just one more page'....
All of those days when I had focused on things other than my lovely family...
That's what got to me most.
Now, I tell you I was REALLY upset when the theft happened but my wife Deana, the love of my life, told me that very day "Start writing today".
So I did.
But the journey seemed long. REALLY long!
But I wrote.
...and wrote...
...and wrote.
And as I wrote, I kept in mind that Lao Tsu saying about the journey of a thousand miles.
Every day I was taking a single step (or at least I was trying to). Some days I took 10 steps and other days I went forward hardly at all, but I kept moving. Kept applying energy to my goals and maintained a dogged persistence to make them happen.
Today, that persistence has paid off.
Today, I'm ecstatic that I have finally finished writing my 'MAGIC 100' book and recording the audio programme that accompanies it.
Today, I wrote, produced and filmed my 'Mobility Matrix DVD' which has been on my mind for ages.
Today, I received the final instructions for channel four that my video 'The Michelle McManus Lifeplan' which I wrote and starred in alongside Michelle has been edited and approved for distribution on boxing day.
Today is a good day!
The reason I'm writing this up in my blog today is not to brag in any way but to remind any of you you may be on the edge of quitting and giving up on any of your dreams that energy and persistence will ALWAYS pay off in the end.
So, don't quit.
Don't give up.
Keep putting one foot in front of another and you WILL get what you want.
As Brian Tracy puts it, 'The best way to become unstoppable is to REFUSE TO STOP'.
To your success
P.S - The Magic 100 and the Movement Matrix will be on my site withinhe next few days...

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