Sunday, January 27, 2008

Another Look Great Naked Challenge Question Answered

Today, I wanted to answer another of the most common questions I'vebeen receiving about the Look Great Naked Challenge and, inparticular, the results you can expect from your 90 days of effort.

Now, as you can appreciate, the actual results that each individualattains during their time on the program may vary slightly but allin all, the results have been nothing short of spectacular withmost participants using the program getting more than theybargained from during their time on the challenge.

Not surprising when you think about it, after all, the programpretty much addresses every facet of fat loss and bodytransformation including mindset, nutrition, exercise and, ofcourse, lifestyle factors that most programs tend to ignore.

When you combine all of these different components, you get aprogram that not only impacts upon fat and weight loss butstrength, suppleness and general health too.

But look, rather than me blow my own trumpet about the program, whynot read a few of the comments of those who've gone before you?
(These are all unadulterated...including typo's)

"All my friends are commenting on how much better I look and Ireally feel more energised and much more confident - when I look atmy before pictures I cant believe how much my body has changed.

And I owe all this to you - yes I know that I committed to theexercise and the eating plan and that I did it - but you were theinspiration and the constant factor at the beginning when it wasdifficult to get going and remain committed.

Once the weight started coming off and the measurements were lessand less every week then it became easier and gained momentum -thank you for giving me a new lease on life."


in 12 days I have lost 10 pounds. This makes me 1 pound lighterthan I have been in 35 years.


"I have to thank you for more than I can think of right now.

Thank You!

Talk about over-delivery! This test drive is amazing!

Unofficially I am at 183 and 9.6% (from a start of 189 at 19.7% ).I give the elimination diet much credit for this! I love the IMTand just did the Movement Matrix last night - Awesome!

Thank you for all of the inspiration and direction. I'm workingharder than ever in all aspects of my life. It's paying off, andagain you are responsible for the kick in my ass that's going totake me to the next level!"

Steve Rowe

Now, I'm not trying to create 'death by testimonial' for you herebut I wanted to give you a good idea of what's possible and,honestly, I haven't just handpicked the best ones. There are thosethat have achieved far more than these guys and, of course, thosewho haven't achieved quite so much, but the thing is, EVERYONE isachieving more and faster than most programs tend to deliver.

And it'll do the same for you.

Maybe more, in fact.

After all, you've got the added incentive of winning that Luxurytrip to Thailand haven't you?

That should spur you on a bit, right? : )

Want to know more about the results people are getting?

Pop on over to and read foryourself.

Speak soon!


P.S - Only 5 days until we start!

P.P.S - If you're interested in joining the challenge, make sure you go sign up for the advance-notification list at right away

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