Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Slow Metabolism?

Readers Questions:

"I have a very slow metabolism, I exercise for 2 hours a day,
1hour weight and 1 hour cardio, I each 75% clean and yet continue
to put on Fat. What is the best way to speed up a slow metabolism?"

Great question... and a very common one too!

It seems that many, many people who 'seem to be doing everything right' still struggle with losing any appreciable amount of bodyfat and even find themselves putting it on faster than they're able to take it off.

I think there are several main aspects to answering this.

First, I think you're probably exercising too much. 2 hours a day of training, albeit when it includes resistance training, is just too much for most people as they lack the correct nutritional and other lifestyle habits to maintain an anabolic environment (the ability to continue to maintain and grow muscle tissue) and so they end up in what's called a catabolic state.

This simply means that your body is breaking down faster than you can build it back up.

When this happens, the body breaks down muscle protein resulting in less muscle mass and slower metabolism.

To maintain an anabolic state you need to do 5 things.

1. Reduce the duration of your training - UP TO one hour is more than enough. In fact, you can get even better results if you drop your training plan to 30-40 minutes.

2. Increase your training intensity - Work harder, lift heavier, allow your self to reach breathlessness more often. The long, slow cardio approach is simply not the best way to go when it comes to fat loss and neither is the typical resistance training session where you do a set, rest for a couple of minutes and then do another.

Work faster.

Spend most of your session alternating on the move and training with higher intensity and you'll notice immediate results.

3. Eat More Protein - To remain in an anabolic state you need far more protein than most people are eating. Shoot for 3-4 servings of protein a day from eggs, fish and meat sources and you'll notice shaplier, firmer and leaner muscles in a very short period of time.

4. 75% Isn't good enough - I know most trainers say that moderation is best but in all honesty, moderation just doesn't cut it. You need to eat clean 100% of the time until you've seen the fat budge and then, and only then, can you afford to slacken off.

It's not what most people want to hear but it's the only 100% guaranteed to see consistent results... and it's not forever!

5. Sleep - If you want to see your fat deposits go down faster than my bank account at Christmas (try having 4 kids!) then get to bed by 10-10.30pm at the latest. Do this and you've got the body's own hormonal and metabolic systems working at full speed to shift the fat deposits you've accumulated.

Do it not and you're actively encouraging extra fat retention.



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