Friday, January 25, 2008

Look Great Naked Challenge Questions Part 3

As promised, I'm back to tell you a bit more about how the LookGreat Naked Challenge starting next Friday will work and how youmight be in with a chance to win that luxury holiday to Thailand.

Today, I wanted to answer another of the most common questions I'vebeen receiving.

"What equipment will I need?... And will it be expensive?"

Seems a lot of you are really interested in the idea of the short,focused and highly structured nature of the Look Great Naked Challenge but that you're concerned that it might be one of those programs that costs a lot in fancy kit and equipment.

Don't be.

The program can actually be done with no equipment whatsoever if you truly wish and you'll still get great results with just a few household items as resistance and, of coyurse, your own bodyweight.

However, as this is going to be a 90 day investment of your timeand effort, I'd highly recommend getting just a few bits of equipment to help you get even better results from the program.

The list is short, as you'll see, and will cost you very little.

1. A medicine ball - This is simply a weighted ball that you'll beusing during throughout the program during IMT.

Most untrained beginners start with just 3kg and even experienced exercisers will get a great workout with just 5kg when used in theformat I'll be teaching you.

Most sporting goods store sell these for around $20/£20 so they're not exactly going to break the bank.

2. A pair of adjustable dumbells - Ideally one of those sets that allow you to add weight as you get stronger throughout the program(and you WILL get stronger!). Cost? Around £15-20 (or dollars)You can get these from a sporting goods store too.

And that's it!

No fancy equipment, no gadgets, no gizmo's, nothing too expensiveat all.

And, in fact, you don't even have to buy this stuff at all if youREALLY don't want to.

I know what you're thinking... "Just how good can this program be if I don't have to buy a bunch of stuff for it?"

But that's just the fitness 'brainwashing' that most of us have been led to believe at work in your mind.

Good exercise is based upon good principles, not faddy bits of kit or shiny equipment.

Have no fear though, this program WILL deliver outstanding results BECAUSE of it's simplicity and, as long as you simply carry out theprogram the way I'll be describing in the videos, audios and workheets, you'll see an almost immediate change not only in how your body looks, but how it feels too.

So, if you're going to start the program next Friday and you're happy to purchase the items I've described, then get shopping : )That way you'll be ready to go as soon as we launch next week.

If not, no problem, just wait until next week and I'll explain the alternatives.

Til next time!


P.S - Tomorrow I'll explain a bit more about the results thatprevious and current challenge partipants are getting... you'll beso impressed!

P.P.S - If you've got friend and family who'd enjoy going throughthe chakllenge with you, send 'em over to sign up for theadvance notification list for themselves...

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