Friday, January 25, 2008

Look Great Naked Challenge Info Part One

Just a quick update about the Look Great NakedChallenge that's starting next week.

I'm receiving a stack of emails at the moment from people who'rereally inquisitive about the challenge, the format the support, thecost and, well, every conceivable question you could ask about the program : )

Now, obviously, it's important that these questions are answered,but I'm going to ask you be patient with me a I walk you through a program overview over the next few days rather than bombard you with a stack of material all at once.

Sound fair enough to you?


Now, to the first most popular question I'm getting asked at the moment:

What's the format of the challenge?

Well, it's a pretty simple format actually. I designed it that wayso that it would be easy to follow. After all, if it werecomplicated you'd soon get confused, disheartened and fall off the wagon wouldn't you?

So, it's simple.

Basically, it works this way:

Every single day for 90 days you'll receive an email from me telling what's required of you for that day in terms of diet and exercise and the lifestyle changes you'll need to make in order to get the results you're hoping for.

In that email will be links to exercise videos that I've createde specially for this program and detailing all of the finer pointsof the exercises I'm asking you to perform.

In addition to the follow-along videos, you'll receive printable documents detailing those exact same workouts but in written andpictorial form so that you can learn and use the routines moreeffectively.

In addition, I'll be sending you dietary advice (initially based onthe Elimination diet though later including several plateau-bustingtechniques that I use to help my 1:1 clients get results faster),nutritional 'tweaks' and motivational strategies to keep you focused and clear about what you're doing and why.

I'll also be sending you audio downloads to help you with otherlifestyle factors such as recovery, sleep and stress so that you'llbe able to get the most from your training and nutrition.
As you can see, you'll effectively be receiving personal trainingacross the 90 days as I share with you the exact same principlesand wokouts that I use with my very own clients but you'll have the benefit of being able to do them from your home anywhere in the world and at any time of day.

Best of all world's huh? : )

Stay tuned for tomorrow's message when I'll explain a little more about the actual workouts.
I think you'll be VERY surprised at what I've got in store for you: )

Speak soon!

P.S - Can't you just picture yourself lying there soaking up thatwonderful Thai sunshine already?
I can! :)

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