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Leading UK Personal Trainer Raises Bar On Fitness Industry With World's First 'Achieve Your Fat Loss Goals Or We Pay You' Promise

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Fitness industry challenged to provide 'real results' as leading UK fitness expert offers world's first guaranteed results or receive double money back refund.

London, UK (PRWEB) January 26, 2008 -- Leading UK Fitness Expert, Dax Moy, today issued a challenge to gym chains and health clubs to provide 'real results' to their customers and clients or offer a full refund on memberships for those who fail to see a measurable return on the time, money and effort invested in memberships and fees.

In a dramatic break from fitness industry norms where money from memberships and personal training fees is routinely kept regardless of results attained, Moy has taken the bold step of announcing the world's first no-result, no-pay club model where members join in the certainty that results are never more than a maximum of 21 days away.

In fact, Moy has taken the concept a step further by adding greater incentive to both members and staff at his UK facilities by offering to pay all new members a penalty-fee if an appreciable fat loss goal is not reached by the 21 day deadline.

A full refund of double their fees if they're not a minimum of one clothing size smaller.

Moy, a regular guest expert on UK television and magazines said "With global obesity on the rise it's the job of every member of the health and fitness community to do all we can create effective strategies to help those who are seeking to lose weight, burn fat and look after their general health.

Simply setting up a gym with a bunch of shiny new gizmo's and gadgets and taking money from those who live and work nearby is not enough to make a difference. We've enough evidence of that. Right now there are more gyms, healthclubs and personal trainers on the planet than at any other time in history and yet obesity continues to rise in spite of this."

He continued "If the fitness industry truly wants to make a difference to those who really need help then it needs to start selling results, not just memberships. A guarantee is just the thing to inspire confidence in all those who believe that they're beyond help and will show the public at large that the industry cares as much about them as it does the revenues it creates."

Moy, whose studios in Central London and Hertfordshire service all manner of clientele from pop stars to polar explorers, actors to athletes, soldiers and stay-at-home-mum's as well as those with medical conditions and disabilities is currently the highest paid personal trainer in the UK and attributes much of his success to his results-only approach.

"We often hear that people don't have enough money to become healthy but that's simply not true in most cases. People have money but they're afraid of spending it on their health and fitness because they're unsure of what their money will get them.

If the big players in the health and fitness industry were to offer a no-risk way of looking after their health gyms would be full all day long everyday and with the people who need it most, not just those who want to stare at their biceps for a couple of hours a week."

Asked if he believed anyone would take him up on the challenge, Moy said "I doubt it. 'Big Fitness' has got a pretty easy ride of it at the moment, making most of its money from those who don't even attend. This challenge would require them to actually provide a service to their customers rather than just a facility and I don't think most of them are ready for that."

With the fitness set to become the next trillion dollar industry, it will be interesting to see how it rises to Moy's challenge in the days ahead.

Dax Moy

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Jamie Lloyd said...

Dax you have done it again! You have raised the bar one more rung and have totally put the pressure on the fitness industry!
Well what can I say after following Daxs' Elimination Diet for 30 days I definately saw results and felt them too!
I lot 8lbs, slept better and fel;t cleaner! For anyone who is unsure about following Dax Moys' advice then they will be mad not to! Dax really says what it does on the tin- and thats produce reults!

Thanks Dax!

Jamie Lloyd BSc RKC
Strength and Kettlebell Coach
'A Gripping Experience'