Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Try This New 4 Minute Workout If You're Serious About Getting Into Great Shape!

My wife Deana and I just got back from Thailand where we were celebrating our 17th wedding anniversary by staying at the beautiful Ryavadee resort in Krabi (www.rayavadee.com).

While we were there though, we did a ton of filming for my new 4x4 workout system that I'll be releasing in just a few weeks in time for the summer 'silly season' where everyone will be working their butts off (literally) to get in shape in time for their vacations.

I'm really excited by the 4x4 system as it has turned out to be one of the fastest fatloss programs I've ever created, with just 4 four-minute workouts a day providing results above and beyond the typical 'marathon' hour-plus workouts that most people are using.

In fact, during the one week that we were away, Deana dramatically changed shape, lost tons of fat and got really fit... in just 16 minutes a day!

It sounds impossible but really, the program is truly phenomenal.

To prove it, I'm adding one of the 'easy' workouts here for you to try.

It's just 4 minutes long and uses a simple 'Tabata' format that I call 'Meltdown Training'. This means that you perform 20 seconds of activity followed by 10 seconds of rest, back-to-back for 4 minutes.

Doesn't sound too bad, right?

Try it!

I think you'll be surprised. VERY surprised.

And imagine too that this 4 minute workout is just ONE of four that you'll be completing today, with each targetting a different area of the body.

Powerful stuff indeed!

Watch the video, try out the workout and then drop me a line here on the blog to let me know how you found it. (If you're really game, try four of these workouts today!)

But don't say I didn't warn you... It's tough stuff : )

Dax Moy

P.S - The 4x4 Routine is now a part of my Look Great Naked Challenge. If you're REALLY serious about getting into great shape this summer then go check it out at http://www.lookgreatnakedchallenge.com

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Em said...

Hi Dax, I have just tried this 4 minute workout and have to say its fantastic. I checked out some of your videos earlier and in all the years I have tried I don't think I have ever done a squat properly, your technique instruction was fab.

I will definitely be looking to take up the "Look great naked challenge"