Thursday, April 03, 2008


Can I buy you a round trip ticket to Thailand, pay for your room
in a luxury hotel for 2 whole weeks and give you a 100% effective
blueprint for getting into the best shape of your life?

That's what I'm going to do for one of my Look Great Naked
Challenge participants when they sign up for the next challenge
before midnight tomorrow (friday 4th April).


Since I first announced the Look Great Naked Challenge just
over a week ago announcing that I'd be footing the bill for a
luxury 2 week vacation to Thailand for the most improved
challenger, my inbox has been full of emails from people asking
"Is this for real?" and "What do I have to do to get onboard?"

To the first, the answer is YES!

It IS for real.

The person who makes the greatest impact upon their body
shape and size during the 90 day program will win the trip of
a lifetime as a reward for all their efforts.


And, of course, I'll be making it really easy to get great results
by sending you daily emails, workout videos, audio downloads,
printable worksheets as well as nutritional and motivational
messages to keep you on track.

And remember, the training commitment is less than
30 minutes a day, all done from within your own home with little
or no equipment, yet the results you'll get will be out of all
proportion to the time you'll have to spend working on them.

Like Ann Komzolik:

" seven weeks I've lost 19 lbs and have dropped two
dress sizes - my waist is now 17cms smaller - I've never
felt so fit and toned - I'm the weight now that I was
when I was 18 "

Or Jill Coulson:

"....I've lost a total of 17.5 lbs and 7" from my waist..."

...and you could get this kind of result too... if you step up to
the challenge!

But look, your chance to enter the challenge and win the
competition ends tomorrow at midnight so you really need
to enter today. If you don't enter you simply can't win right?


Dax Moy

Look the next 90 days of your life are going
to pass anyway, right?

They can pass with you taking action toward getting into the
best shape of your life and standing the chance to win a
trip of a lifetime or they can pass in the same way that you
passed the first 90 days of 2008.

I know which I'd choose! : )


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