Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Can You REALLY Get Fit, Firm and Fat Free From Just 4 Minutes??

Hey There,

As we're moving into spring it seems like the phones in my London Personal Training studios have been ringing off the hook with enquiries from people looking to start their new 'get fit for spring' routines.

First and foremost amongst their questions is "How can I fit enough exercise into my life to make enough of an impact on my goals?"

Fair question really, after all, it's lack of time that's the reason behind why most of us are out of shape in the first place, right?

It takes time to get home from work, get changed, get to the gym, workout, shower and get home again. For most of us that's simply time we don't have, or at least, that we don't have MUCH of.

That's why I advocate short workouts to all of my clients as part of their homework strategy when training with my team. Most workouts are 20 minutes or less but occasionally, even 20 minutes is too long for some of my clients... or so they say : )

So what about 4 minutes?

Sound too long to you?

It's something that could quite easily be fitted in between TV commercials or chapters of a book even.

And yes, it'll still provide an awesome, powerful fat burning workout. Check out these videos for more of what I'm talking about here.

Video 1 is an explanation of intensity and the other 2 are the 4 minute workouts themselves. Try one out and see how much work it gives you. You'll be very surprised!

See, pretty tough right?

And a great cardio, strength and fat burning session all rolled into one.

Does it produce great results!

You betcha!

Give my 4 minute workouts a try for just 1 week and see what happens. (Obviously, if you can fit in 2, 3 or 4 of these you'll get better results but even 1 is still worth doing).


Dax Moy
Want To Look Great Naked?

P.S - Once you try them out, leave me a comment!


Emilee said...

Dax, I just completed the 1st of the 2 4 min workouts. I have done these quick intense workouts before and doing one again reminded me again of how great these are! So easy to squeeze in even on the busiest of days!

James Davis said...


Nice talk about intensity. Made is clear for me, thanks.

I've been doing the '20 on 10 off' for a total of 5 rounds per exercise and I get in 6 different exercises per session and the intensity is maximum. So that's about 15 mins of training and after that I'm buzzing. It's great when varying the exercises.

Readers might want to try this tabata clock for their computers: Tabata Clock

I stick it on my laptop and it makes me get work done!


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