Tuesday, March 10, 2009

You Can't Out-Train A Poor Diet!

Well, these Q and A's are going really well aren't they?

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Here's another...

"Hello Dax,

My main goal today is not fat-loss (I think I don't have too much fat to lose when I look at myself), but it is to get bulky and muscular.

Will I be able to achieve that goal with a quite normal (as healthy as possible, but without having to count on different food portions) diet and not a fitness supplement, but mostly based on long term results of reasonably hard resistance training (I mean near muscle failure, but trying to avoid it)?

Thank you for your kind answer,"


My Answer...

Hey JuanMa

Great question, and one which I’m sure many, many people will be asking.

Now, to the answer : )

The truth is, most results in body composition, whether they be gaining muscle mass like your goal, or losing bodyfat like many, are created in the mouth and the old truism ‘you can’t out-train a poor diet’ is a good one to bear in mind… regardless of your goal.

That said, I’m a firm believer that apart from the extreme end of the spectrum (like bodybuilding for competition) there is no need to count calories, weigh and measure food or take supplements.

Most goals are able to be accomplished on a quality diet with good. Wholesome, ‘clean’ foods that have not been altered through chemicals or additives.

The elimination diet allows for practically any goal to be achieved because it’s so clean. All you have to do is ensure you’re following the diet most of the time (after the 30 days I recommend the 80/20 approach – 80% of the time you follow the diet strictly, 20% of the time you let your hair down. Most people are following the exact opposite!)

Ensure that you get a good quality and variety of protein sources from meat, fish and poultry, eat a wide variety of vegetables, nuts and legume and you’ll have no problems building muscle.

As long as you follow a relatively rigorous muscle building program of course! : )

Hope this helps


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Kathy said...

Hi Dax,
Thank you for always providing great quality and informative information to assist us in reaching our fitness and health goals. I do have a question: The ED says no dairy outside of yogurt. What about Whey protein? There are supplments that contain whey protein isolate or concentrate. Some also contain milk protein concentrate. They are milk proteins so does this mean to stay clear of them? If so, what is it about these ingredients that inhibit what we are trying to accomplish?