Thursday, September 25, 2008

Dax Moy's Elimination Diet Day 4

It's day 4 of The Elimination Diet Challenge!

How are you doing?

I'm hearing lots of great stuff via the blog and still TONS of
emails every day telling me about seeing results already : )

So I thought, 'hey, let's have a day 4 check in'. I want to know
what's happening ALREADY as part of you being on the program. I
know it's early and I know it won't be huge, but let's give
ourselves a boost right now, huh?

(Yep, I think so too!) : )

So post me your update below in the comments area.

C'mon, don't be shy :)

Once you've done that, watch this four minute video I shot with my beautiful wife Deana in Thailand earlier this year.It's only four minutes but it'll really get your results speeding up!

Give it a go and tell me how you get on!

Dax Moy

P.S - If you're receiving this and you're NOT already doing the
challenge, then come on board! It's never too late to start and
you'll feel so much better for it.... c'mon : )


Nickname unavailable said...

You are spamming countless email addressees, and breaking the law.

How does one stop your irritating emails?

DaxMoy said...

I left this post in to show that I don't 'police' my responses.

Every single person on the Elimination Diet Mailing list 'opted in' via a signup at one of my sites my friend. Further, there is a second mail that asks 'are you sure you signed up?'

It's impossible to send the mails if you say no.

I think that maybe you forgot or someone else had use of your account?

Nevertheless, it's easy to unsubscribe.

At the bottom of every email is an unsubscribe link. Just hit it and you won't hear from me again as you'll be erased from my database.

Sorry, you didn't have a great experience!

Margot Faircloth said...

I bet "nickname unavailable" has a successful life...WOW!
It's 5:45 am and I woke up hungry and thinking about my magic 100. I realize this blog is for the Elimination Diet but for me they are all tied together as losing 20 more pounds by 12/5 is one of my goals.
I have in 4 days lost 2 pounds...I did not take measurements on Monday but I will this morning and keep track from here on out.
Wed food was
B: Oatmeal with apple and cinnamon
L: Leftover hamburger goulash
D: Seared Ahi, 1/2 baked Potatoe, grilled zuchini
S: fruit with yoghurt
4 litres of Water

All in all I am staying focused.

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Thanks for the opportunity Dax!

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char said...

Day 4 here already! Happy to say that 2 pounds are GONE, which I know won't continue at this rate, but, yes! Today I woke up with lots of energy, maybe because here in FL we got our first "fall" morning - 60 degrees F, beautiful! But, it was a gym day, so I stuck to the plan, will walk tonight.
Yesterday's food:
B: oatmeal w/chia goodness
S: homemade energy bar
L: leftover beans and rice, one piece of pineapple.
S: almonds, plum
D: homemade black bean burgers, potatoes, asparagus, salad.
Walked 2 miles in a.m. and 2 in p.m.

Today's exercise was awesome: 15 minutes on Jacob's ladder for 1000 feet, 15 minutes on techno elliptical, level 12, 15 minutes on bike, 4 miles level 7, 15 minutes on treadmill warmup - 7.0mph for one mile - cooldown. 30 minutes weights and circuit training. I feel great! AND I love the video, will use it tomorrow. I want to go to Thailand!

Racheln said...

day 4
Breakfast - porridge made with rice milk
lunch - left over green thai curry & a banana
dinner - roast chicken, potatoes & sweetcorn.
will have a yoghurt & fruit for pudding.
Won't be signing in for the next 3 days as i'm away on my hen weekend. Will be continuing on this apart from alcohol.....
I've lost 2 pounds also. will measure myself tonight and update on Monday.

Expert Rated Trainer said...

wow...i'm geting some ideas for what i can eat - thanks everybody.I just got paid and went to the health food store in my lunch time and bought some natural and organic stuff- its amazing how much unhealthy food is in a health food store though,isnt it?!!

The result that i have noticed was that before it was even lunch time i finished doing all the work on my desk that normally takes me the whole day or two days!..I feel focused and i dont have as many breaks in my concentration. I think its because i have been kinda following the programme before and so i already went through the 'rough' part and am feeling the benefits quicker this time around...

Jen said...

Question: Suggestions on Post Workout feeds that are elimination diet friendly? I'd normally opt for a protein shake. Help?

Cindy A said...

Hi Dax, I haven't lost any weight yet, but I'm not giving up. My body tends to be stubborn about letting go of weight. It's only 3:30 here in Fl, but I've had oat bran for breakfast, nectarine and veggie juice for snack and organic peanut butter and pure cherry preserves on spelt toast for lunch. I don't know what I'll have for dinner. For exercise, I do crossfit training. Todays workout was 4 rounds of 15 one arm kettle ball raises, 25 pushups, 15 double under jumping rope and 250m rowing for time. This one wasn't so bad. I hate it when they add in running to the rounds. Anyway, I haven't seen any change, but I'm sticking with it. I do have a question for you. I have noticed that during this diet and previously on toxin release diets, I get a lot of pain in my hip joints. Do you know what that couldl be? Could it be my kidneys and it just feels like my hips? I can't figure it out. It's a pretty constant dull pain. Cindy

Suzanne said...

4 days in and down almost 3 pounds!
Still feeling a little tired, but mostly due, I think, to stress and sleepless nights. Just did the 4 minute work out, loved it! Can't wait for the next one. Meals a bit better now, went to market yesterday and shipments finally in.
Food yesterday:
B-couple bites chicken breast, apple
S-pistachios, plum
L-left over chicken, cucumber w/apple cider vinegar, grapes
S-raw mixed nuts w/raisins & dried cranberries
D-nuts & cucumber(just wasn't hungry)
lowest water day due to being out all day-about 3L
Thanks again for the video today Dax!! I was feeling really tired and wanting to skip my regular exercise. So as soon as I saw it I joined right in and just did it.
Feel much better for doing it.

doubleR said...

I've done really well on the diet so far...I've lost 5 lbs...but I'm still feeling a little tired. I've been doing the Turbulence Training workouts, but it gets harder to get them done as the week progresses. I figure I'm still going thru detox and hope things will improve tremendously by next week.

jennifer said...

Good Morning! TGIF!
This is only day three "proper" for me, but day 5 caffeine less - my biggest give up! Still have a bit of a headache and some body aches but I am confident they will pas.. I am determined to do this, to jumpstart a change - I am approaching birthday # 38. I have stalled in my weightloss attempts and my workouts so I am sure that this will help there too. Glad to know that everyone is in this with me!