Saturday, September 27, 2008

Elimination Diet Day 6

Well, day six has been and gone for me and, despite suffering a man cold from hell with blocked nose, throat infection and a banging head, I've stayed on track and avoided the temptation to comfort eat my way through the day.

(Hey, I'm human y'know, I often feel the need for the same treats as you, especially when I'm feeling under the weather!)

I decided to keep my energy reserves high today by not training but the food side of things went well.

Still, I'm over 5lb lighter than I was on Monday, even though weight loss is not my primary aim. I'm more concerned with cleaning myself up inside.

Anyway, my meals:

Breakfast: Scrambled eggs, peppers, onions and tomatoes

Lunch: Hummus, crudite and wheat/gluten free bread (might as well have eaten the packaging it came in. Was awful, wouldn't recommend it)

Dinner: Mashed potatoes, mixed vegetables and pork cutlet

Evening: Oatmeal, banana and dollop of natural yoghurt.

Not bad!

Could have done with more protein but still ok : )

How are you doing?

Still on track?

Let me know by filling in a comment below ok?


P.S - If you're running low on meal ideas, try my elimination diet cookbook. It's got nearly 200 diet compatible recipes and more being added all the time.

P.P.S - Don't forget to keep that water intake up if you want to get the best results.


Margot Faircloth said...

Sorry to hear about your cold, they can be nasty.
Day 6 Saturday has been a really busy day. Completed a 2 major projects went shopping and then a nice dinner out.
Since giving up caffeine I drink hot water in the AM

B: nothing I got busy and forgot to eat
S: Salad & Apple
L: Taco with chicken
S: Celery with Peanut Butter
D: Chicken, steamed rice asparagus, & arugula salad.
Looking forward to Sunday and a low key day. Need to go grocery shopping for the week.

I took my measurements and was excited to see that I have not changed at all since ending the LGNC the first week in July. When I start seriously excercising, I am sure I will begin losing more inches and more weight once again.

pr said...

Wrapping up the weekend here. I've impressed myself with staying on track this weekend with food according to the elimination diet. Rather than having a soft tortilla at lunch on Saturday I quickly made a thin omelette and used that to wrap the fillings. Our chickens are laying lots at the moment so eggs are in good supply. This afternoon I had some cravings for toast with butter and jam but reminded myself that I'm on Day 7 and I can just keep going. Two social events over the weekend and I negotiated them as well. Exercise has been great, a bike ride, spin class and 1 hr lawn mowing on Sat, and then a fitbar (medium weights, high reps to music) class with my 15yo son.
Weight behaving itself. Still at 66.0kgs so 2.2 down from starting date. I have eaten a fair bit this weekend but all according to plan. Will need to pull it back in next week to keep losing.
Good stuff. This is working for me :-)

Turbo Kelly said...

The last thing I wanted to do was spend more money right now, but I just wanted to leave a comment here saying I recommend the Elimination Diet Cookbook.
I tried following the E.D. using just the small list of foods included (as I really didn't know what else I could add), and that was near to impossible for me.
I actually gave up gluten/wheat over a year ago for my own reasons, so that part of it is already ingrained for me, luckily.

I had to give up coffee a couple of months ago, because I was obviously addicted. I "only drank in the morning" so it must have been okay ;)
Not if you're doing 50-70 ounces before noon.

The cookbook has really been great. I went through and picked out the ones I thought I would like/use, and printed those for an E.D. binder.
It's nice to know that whatever you go to in that book, is okay, and you don't have to think about it.


jennifer said...

Sorry to hear abut your cold... I have been experiencing those kinds of symptoms but just chalked it up to processed food/caffeine withdrawl. I am heating pretty well, but had questions about what else is allowed.. pork? peanut butter? decaf coffee or tea? does anyone out there have any suggestions.. I am a bit discouraged because I seemed to have tweaked my back yesterday while working out..(and I love my kettlebelss!) but I am hoping it will ease up quickly.

Jen said...

Starting Day 6 - down 6 lbs. Can't shake the headache - and I know I'm not dehydrated. I didn't workout out because of it yesterday but I'm going to try today headache or not. Having a hard time sleeping - had a dream about muffins - pretty sad! ; ) Going to have a massage - maybe help move some of these toxins around and hopefully out. Good day to all!

Just Rach said...

(also known as Rachel N)
Ummm...what can i say.... hen weekend...
Breakfast (from M&S at the station)
grapes and OJ
snack on train
endamme & soya bean salad
Lunch in Leeds
platter of procuttio meat, salami, smoked something and olives.
D: roasted mediteranian roasted vege tart
plus wine and cocktails (eeek)

I'm back on the diet tonight and hoping i've not put the weight back on.... x

DaxMoy said...

Hey Guys

You all sound like you're doing pretty well so far and hey, we've got 1 week under our belts already.


Re pork: It's ok as long as organic and free range (though I find I can take much of it personally).

Re peanut butter: There aren't many that come up to elimination standard but if you can find one that's fresh, non-additive then enjoy!

Re Decaf beverages: No! The decaf chemicals are worse than the caffeine itself.

Keep it up guys, 1 week down, 3 to go.

Easy : )