Monday, September 22, 2008

Day 1 of Elimination Diet Challenge

Well, day one's almost over for me!

I flew back in from the U.S last night and pretty much crashed out right away and then was up for work at 6am.

After a cup of peppermint tea, a little oatmeal and an egg (boiled) it was off to work at my Islington personal training studios.

The jet lag kicked in a bit this morning and yes, there was a temptation to excuse myself for 'just 1' cup of coffee but after all of 3 seconds, I let it go and got myself a cup of morrocan mint herbal instead.

I didn't really eat too much today as I wasn't hungry. Must be the mixed up body clock from flying, but this evening I had steamed rice and stirfried curried vegetables. Filling and lovely... and completely on elimination diet rules.

No sign of detox headache yet, but I'm sure it's coming as I certainly 'toxed' this weekend at the conference with lots of alcohol (yes, shame on me!) and bread and other bad stuff.

But I'm in the game now, just like you all are.

I'm going to go get some training in now to speed up the detox factor and, of course, keep fit, but before I do, let me give you a few pointers on how to speed up the process and minimise the detox nasties that are on their way to you right now : )

1. Stick to the rules 100%, no compromise - Even little slip ups prevent your body from clearing through. Don't do it. It's just 30 days!

2. Drink at least 1 litre of water for every 50lbs of bodyweight - Yes, it sounds a lot but that's just because you're not used to it. Start drinking more and even adding a tiny pinch of salt to it and you'll speed up the detox and drop pounds fast.

3. Try to have a hot bath every day for 3 days - The skin is the largest detox organ in th body and sweat is the way many toxins escape. Get in the bath, get hot and... sweat. You'll be surprised at how great you feel after this!

4. Exercise - Yep, sweating comes with exercise too, but more important than that is that you speed up ALL metabolic processes... and build some fitness and muscle!

5. Take lemon water - Boiled water and lemon juice (just cut 1/2 a lemon and squeeze it in) and you've got the benefit of additional aid to your liver. Not bad!

Do those 5 things and your detox blues will be shortened quite dramatically!

Now, before I sign off, let me ask you, all of you who're serious that is, to drop me line here on the blog (comments section below) and tell me about your day, what you've done, what you're eating and how you feel.

It may not seem important but I guarantee, the accountability and support will really help you in the days ahead.

Speak soon!

Dax Moy

P.S - If you want help with recipe ideas, you can get a ton of 'em here


rosie said...

Well I've decided to take on the Elimination Diet at last, having not quite got around to it last time it was emailed to me...

I've been successful so far on day 1. This is because I'm currently fasting for Ramadan (I'm not muslim, but I'm supporting some friends who are). This means I've had no water or food all day. I can break my fast now and am going to make sure it's not banned foods!

Any recommendations on lots of slow burning foods I can eat (along with the 4 litres of water I've been drinking at nights to make up for not drinking any fluid during the day) that aren't banned that will see me through the day tomorrow? Normally I fill up on rice and pasta but I think they're on the banned list. Is couscous acceptable?

Fortunately my fast ends on 30th September so only just over a week to go and I can get on with following the diet properly (ie eating and drinking lots of times a day instead of just once at night and once at about 0430am).

Any advice on slow burning filling foods much appreciated!

DaxMoy said...

Hey Rosie

Well done!

Rice isn't banned but cous, cous and wheat pasta are.

You're allowed potatoes and oatmeal too.

That said, if your goal is fat loss then keep these starches to a minimum ok?

rosie said...

Thank you for the tip - I think rice and potatoes will fill me up nicely. I'll try not to eat too much of it and definitely reduce the starchy stuff after 30 Sep when I can stop worrying about having enough energy to get through the next day!

Marylin said...

Well Day 1 and just like Dax this morning I was tempted to have a cup of coffee for no particular reason though. Just a craving I get every once in a while. Weird since I really haven't had any coffee in the last couple of months. I stuck to my guns and had 1/2 cup of oolong tea (no sweetener of any kind) and a bowl of oatmeal with 1 hard boiled egg. AM Snack was 1/2 cup of mixed nuts and seeds with 1 apple. Lunch was grilled salmon with a green salad. PM snack will be 1 banana with 1/2 cup live yogurt and dinner will be picadillo (sort of a cuban beef hash dish) which adheres to the plan along with some steamed veggies. So far I've had 2 liters of water today. Working on my 3rd. Not too much nasties, just a slight headache forming (oh joy!)but considering I seem to be the queen of the migrains it's not something I can't handle. I walked 2 miles today and have a heck of an exercise session planned for tonight (weight training). Well guys signing off now. Dax I'll give your lemon water a try.

Marylin Sanchez
Coconut Grove, FL

Marylin said...

One more thing guys, Dax Moy's elimination diet cookbook is of great help. I use some of the recipes for the whole family and they love it not knowing that it's part of my "diet". The other one that I found helpful also, especially if you work in an office, is Rosa Coelho's 101 healthy recipes for the office. It has a ton of recipes from super easy and fast to make, through some that take a little more time to make. Also has tips on what type of container to use to take to the office. Both great books.

Sorry Dax for sending such a long one but what can I say I thought this might help someone out there.

Marylin Sanchez
Coconut Grove, FL

Expert Rated Trainer said...

Hey Dax,

I'm so excited we're doing this together!! my problem is that i cant start till tomorrow...i'm doing my shopping this evening so although eat an elmination diet acceptable soup for lunch, breakfast was a snickers bar and potato pudding ( i was working out and needed the energy) The first time i did this - i did cheat a few times but still felt much better and this time around -my focus is my health and not weight loss (but ofcourse i would cry if i lost a few). I'm tired of allergies, bloating and water retention and being 'uncomfortable and i must admit from the first time i did the elimination diet i have felt much better than i have in years so i am hoping to feel even more better this time around and truly committ to this...i wouldnt have done this if you werent doing this challenge though- so thank you, Dax!
_ Khandi

Kathy said...

Well, my day is just beginning since I am in Hawaii and so far I'm doing great! I went shopping yesterday to prepare for today and so far have had a cup of Naked superfood juice, a pear and a cup of soy milk this morning for breakfast. I've had a boiled egg for breakfast and am drinking some decaf green tea. I am looking forward to the rest of the 29 days and getting rid of that pooch that returned once I stopped being disciplined about my food choices.

Are there any meal shake replacements that would be in line with the rules?

char said...

I tried this elimination diet once before, but one exception led to another and in the end it didn't work. This time I'm determined to succeed. I am vegan, so the dairy part is easy. I don't drink coffee or soda, so the caffeine part is easy too. The hard part will be sugar and alcohol. I like a glass of wine or a pint in the evenings, but last week I did a test drive and went 5 days straight with none - and survived... no sugar? I can't empty my pantry - I have a family, but I have enlisted their help. I've been off wheat all summer. I am an exercise addict, so all should be well. I am gearing up for my 2nd marathon, but fortunately my long runs will be at about 11 miles by the time 30 days is up, so I should be ok without gatorade during the runs. Any advice for glucose replacement after long runs is appreciated. My day today so far: oatmeal with Chia Goodness, fruit smoothie, homemade protein bar (all ingredients allowed), lentils w/spinach, a plum and a little watermelon. Dax, is tofu allowed for us vegetarians???

Cindy A said...

Today has been pretty rough for me. I had to get up at 5:30 for a demanding 6:00 workout and then a tennis clinic right after that for another 1 1/2 hours. This is the first time I've done both of them on the same day and doing it without coffee was really hard. I did sweat a lot, that's one good thing. I was exhausted when I got home and took a long nap. I'm sticking to the diet, but I really want my coffee. I think I'll try the hot lemon water. Maybe that will help. Cindy

Jules said...

Day 1 - so far so good, even enlisted the support of my husband...who decided to follow the diet as well.......although he's not sure what he can eat!! I now have the cookbook for him to read. Question: is live yogurt different than the yogurt you find in the avg grocery store? Most every yogurt has sugar! Thanks for the help!

Colin B said...

Day 3 proper, headache not too bad, I have always followed a good diet, fresh fruit/vegetables and meat. Few vices, which will be dropped, low cal spreads, I wonder why I ever stopped using butter and olive oil, better tastes.

I am following the diet from advice from my Personal Trainer, a few stubborn pounds would not shift, and my health wasn't improving, despite exersize and diet changes.

1 question are supplements OK to take, fish oils (when I don't eat fish), and another for joints. (I am hoping I won't need these upon completion of diet).

Cut out all tea/coffee (although I use decaf and never drunk a lot of tea and coffee. Really miss Milk, only another few weeks without. (4 pints a week, semi skimmed)

Love the green teas, and detox tea I am drinking, certainly takes the edge off. I will see tonight when I go to gym for a session, how much better I am.


shiraz said...

I am a day ahead, just finishing Day Two here Down Under. Have already slipped up :( I bypassed biscuits and lollies, but had not one but two small coffees!? I am going to conquer that! Otherwise eating is good. Very dull head last night, and a gassy tummy today. Tired too. Going for walks on the beach early each morning. Aiming for bodyweight exercise sessions too.

If I had the email earlier with the tips and having to post here - I would have stiffened my resolve! Anyhow, I have admitted my lapse, and tomorrow is another day. No compromise ;)

Tara B said...

Hey Dax,
I'm doing well so far. Not feeling too bad! Loving porridge! I did this a few months ago and lost a staggering stone, so thank you! But I have a problem with the non microwave rule. I HATE cold food and my office is freezing. If I have a cold lunch I'm miserable. We have a microwave and a coffee machine that gives hot water. What can I dooo?
Am I doomed to have soup in a thermos all month? If so... any warming recipes?
Cheers. You're very inspiring by the way.
I always like getting your email.

Margot Faircloth said...

The end of Day 1 went well for me. Since March of 08 I have been off of all caffein and Decaf per the ED diet. I have not had any soft drinks either. Alcohol since July has been very occasional. I am the water queen. Hot water in the am and then room temp or ice water the remainder of the day.
Breakfast was scrambled eggs made with mushrooms, onions...
Lunch stir fry with chicken, rice, broccoli and tomatoes, seasoned with balsamic vinegar and sea salt.
Snack was an apple and some yogurt.
Dinner was a stew made with 97% lean ground beef, rice pasta, tomatoes, and yogurt stirred into mixture instead of Sour cream. We call it goulash at our house. My husband eats what I eat so he too is a happy camper.

char said...

I am happy to report that day 1 was a "perfect" day for me. Final meal was a broccoli/tofu stir fry. I do need to know whether tofu is allowed, since it is a "processed" food. Most of my protein comes from soy and nuts.

Yesterday I forgot to mention why I am giving this diet a try... as a vegan exercise addict, you may wonder too. I have gained back five pounds since completing my first marathon last April, putting my weight at 150 for 5'4" muscular woman. I never did reach my goal weight of 135, which would put me at about 17% body fat, and take a load off my knees, which have been bothering me since gaining the 5 pounds back. Not to mention my times aren't as good. So that's why I'm here, to regain my fitness and lean build.

Last night I had a plum for desert while my family enjoyed their ice cream. Thankfully, I can now turn that down without hesitation. The birthday cake this weekend will be a real challenge!

pr said...

Yesterday was a regular breakfast out with a friend - swapped the toast for spinach and tomato to go with poached eggs, and peppermint tea for an espresso coffee.

At morning tea time I thought about coffee, maybe I could have a decaf etc, but caught the train of thought before it got too far.
Last night my body fat came in at 29.9% and body water at 49.2% I think they are respectively the highest and lowest I have seen on the scales. Ooops!

Goals for this 30 days:
Drop 2% body fat
Drop overall weight - get as close to 62Kgs as possible.
Decrease perception of tiredness

How I feel - still in the initial bloom of excitement. Back in love with weight training. Pleased I've resolved to doing this. Nervous about not sticking to the plan - need to translate to "i'm sticking to this 100%"