Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Elimination Diet Day Three: The Workout You MUST Avoid!

Well, day three is pretty much done for me now. Just dinner to go and I'm free and clear : )

Easy day nutritionally:

Breakfast - Scrambled free range eggs and bacon

Lunch - Mixed salad (concoction of rare roast beef, chicken, tuna, shrimp and salad - protein feast!)

Dinner tonight: Chicken, baby new potatoes, broccoli

Snacks: Boiled eggs


Now, I've had a bunch of emails regarding exercise so I thought I'd address that today by telling you about some of the systems I regard as beneficial at speeding up results.

(No, they're not all mine!)

Before I do though, let me tell you what you SHOULDN'T rely on for your fitness and fatloss goals...

Now, as for the exercise programs I rate.

First off, my own : ) - This is a full 90 day fat loss and fitness blueprint that tells you EXACTLY what to do every single day through videos, audios, printouts and even a daily email to keep you on track.

My average participant loses around 25-30lbs on the program with many losing much more!

Next: Turbulence training! from body transformation expert Craig Ballantyne - This is an excellent fatloss training system that has been used with great success by thousands of people over the last few years

Finally (and not least) a relative newcomer to the table Warp Speed Fatloss from Super Trainer Alwyn Cosgrove, world reknown fatloss expert with more fat loss success stories than practically anyone else around.

They're ALL great programs, all work EXTREMELY well (or I simply would not even mention them) and they all fit nicely with the elimination diet with a few minor tweaks that are easy to apply

Check them all out and see what you think or, if you prefer, simply continue with your own program.

The thing is, the elimination diet will work regardless of the exercise program you participate in, but, of course, if the program's a good'n....

Speak tomorrow!

Dax Moy

P.S - Don't forget to leave me a message to tell me how things are going for you. This IS important!


char said...

OK Dax, no more tofu... I made a large batch of black beans and a rice/spinach dish for dinner last night, with plenty of leftovers for the remainder of the week. I'm sticking to oatmeal/chia goodness for breakfast.

Dax I notice you eat a lot of protein meals. Is there any reason I should be limiting fruits/veggies? I understand the philosophy of hitting protein goals for body leaness, but have wondered if fruit can delay fat loss? And I'm guessing my protein powder is out too?

Margot Faircloth said...

WII fitness may not fit the ideal workout but it sure plays well to the Laugh A Thon that you join watching loved ones try it out.

Due to Time difference I am a starting Day 3... yesterday was a banana for breakfast...( in the car for a 2 hr commute to appt) Lunch was veggies, rice, shrimp and chicken at a stiry fry takeout. Best I could do. Dinner was Sushi...after a 2 hr commute hone. No snacks Water was about 80 %. All in all I am not having much of a problem...I do feel a bit tired and still need to do my workouts. Thanks for the tip on what day to start out...Have a great rest of the week.

Cindy A said...

Hi Dax, Today has been hard for me. I had a tennis match this morning that got rained out. The other team had coffee and pastries for us, which I managed to avoid. It has been raining all day though and I really want a cup of coffee. I had oat bran for breakfast, green juice (wheat grass, sprouts, carrots, cucumbers, celery, peppers) for a snack and ham and eggs for lunch. I think I'll have celery with organic peanut butter for a snack and maybe sushi for dinner. Thanks for the daily blog post that keeps us all going. Cindy

Suzanne said...

Hey Dax!
We love the Wii, not as an exercise format, but as fun for the family on those rainy days! Besides, it gets my sister who is staying with us up and moving. Otherwise she doesn't get any type of "exercise" at all.
As for the "Challenge", Going well overall. Eating's getting a bit boring but hopefully that changes today. Our food shipment is a month overdue here in the islands and just arrived over the weekend so hopefully it's in the stores now!
I practically feel like I've been drowning with all the water, but that's okay, I see the difference with it.
As usual the exercise is my only downfall. I have been getting plenty of movement though. I was gone for almost 4 months and left my husband and two teenagers home. Who knew 3 people could make so much mess and live in such filth!! Clean-up is almost done, so then I'll have no more excuses for not exercising.
Thanks for the program, and all your support and encouragment! said...

Day two for me as I previously explained. No problems with keeping to the limitations, until I spied apples and craved the cheese I usually with sliced apple eat for a snack. I resisted and had a glass of water and a handful of mixed raw nuts.
Breakfast was scrambled eggs,
Lunch was a bowl of yogurt with sliced banana and cantaloupe, mixed nuts, herbal tea and water
Dinner will be salad and chicken burgers (home made/ no bread) and herbal tea and water
So far so good.

Nadia said...

Ok I AM still here...haven't been on the computer for a few days, been too busy. Errrm ok I shall confess, I've completely NOT started yet. I'll start tomorrow I promise! >_< I'll do all the remaining days and then 3 more so I've done the full 30.

On the plus side, I lost 2 pounds without trying cause i've been running around loads and not eating very much (though when I did eat I had BREAD) and I did manage to get to the gym today...although I wasn't very focused. Did some weights but barely any cardio.

Anyway, I'll be a perfect elimination diet-er tomorrow. Well done to everybody else.

Oh and since you asked for stats yesterday, my current weight is 132lbs.

shiraz said...

Day 4 beginning for me - and I am fighting the call of a coffee right now :( Have had yoghurt, banana and blueberries for breakfast. Will be having salad and nuts for lunch and Chicken and veg for evening meal. Snacks will be veg sticks and fruit.

Feeling really tired atm, but had a really big day yesterday. Sun is shining now, so will get in some rays today :)

Still fighting the urge to have a coffee :/ but thankfully sugar is not an issue.

Colin B said...

Into day 4 feeling OK, breakfast; porridge, chopped apple and a fresh squeezed OJ. Lemon Green Tea. Plan lunch/snacks.

Tonight must carefully plan, our club having 23rd Birthday party, in church hall so no booze. Must take my own water supply to drink (don't like 'pop'and fizzy drinks anyway). I am cooking some party food, but won't be eating any of it. Chinese selection, and mini vol o vonts. wheat/MSG/processed.

DRink plenty of water should flush out any bad foods. (very small amount).

Weight going in the right direction, slowly to 15 stone, looks like I may hit below target weight. Not so much a diet, return to childhood diet (1960s). Very little processed foods, butter, fresh fruit and veg, steamed the old fasioned way, little water in a pan, and crack open the lid, (tilted at an angle for steam to escape). Even using the pressure cooker again, to cook.


Colin B said...

oops forgot exersize,

I am lucky can afford to go to a gym twice a week, and Personal Training Saturdays. It was Austin who printed the Elimination diet, he started same time as I did.

The workout 3 sessions of The Big 5, using 10kg bar weight, (squats,lifts,lunges,pushes, mountain climbers) then 2 Tabata sessions, (4 body weight at 20 seconds each~10 second break) and finish on stationery bike. 18-20 minutes 2 mins at 4 then 1 minute at 7.

Racheln said...

Day 3 - a bit late -sorry
Breakfast - natural yoghurt mixed with oats and fresh fruit
Lunch - couscous & jacket potato
Dinner - thai green chicken curry and brown rice
plenty of water x

ps. i thought i couldn't have bacon because it was processed....

pr said...

The working week is ending well, up early on a friday morning and checking in before going to the gym. This of course has been the week my son decides to try out the gym so I've been getting some extra spin classes and one abs&back class in I wouldn't normally go to and it is showing on the scales - a drop of 1.4 kilos of bloating since Monday!!! I have been eating everytime I have been hungry and not stingy with the serving size as I know that cravings have hit me hard before on a week like this. Skipping caffeine and alcohol has not been hard for me, Dairy and wheat free a little more complex. Yesterday I cooked an omelette with ham and zucchini, topped with avocado for lunch and ate that cold - very yummy and first time I've tried that. Normally I'd scramble some eggs in the microwave with vegies so it was a good workaround and less work at lunchtime too.
Going out for dinner tonight but will stick to water (wine tends to make my finger joints swell anyhow) and I've checked out the menu - lots of options that look good but I will ring ahead at lunchtime and explain the dairy and wheat free and see what they suggest. Easier than doing it in front of a whole group of people.

Ahh!! didn't mean to write that much :-) Just exciting to be doing something that works so well.