Sunday, September 28, 2008

Elimination Diet Day 7

Well, we've got a week under our belts already!

Congrats everyone.

By now your main detox effects should be pretty much gone (though I've had this throat infection in place of the detox nasties) and you should be starting to feel the effects of being 'clean' inside.

But we're not there yet!

Don't relax, don't let up and don't even think about cheating. If you do then most of the detox effect will be ruined. It's only now that you'll START to get the great results of the diet. This is the beginning.

Adding a little exercise daily will really help at this stage so I recommend you do at least a little every day. You can use the vids below for now but also add any other exercise that you feel will be beneficial.

You could also look at my Look Great Naked Challenge where you'll find a fully supported exercise and nutrition program that works beautifully with the Elimination diet.

Of course, you don't have to follow that, it's just a suggestion : )

You can also check out Jon Benson's '7 MINUTE MUSCLE' program that burns fat fast whilst helping you to sculpt lean muscle. It's pretty cool and, as the name suggests, works around training sessions that are only 7 minutes long. Pretty neat.

Whatever you do though, add some exercise to your day now if you can, you'll be delighted at the combined result of exercise and the elimination diet together : )

Speak tomorrow!

Dax Moy


pr said...

This would have to be one of the few, if not only, weekend where my weight has not gone up in months. Seriously, sticking to this diet has made a world of difference to my headspace as well. I hit a low weight last week and thought I must have been dehydrated but I'm still there :) Energy levels are fine too.
Dax - your note on not giving up now really hit the spot this morning.

Colin B said...

Just started day 7 or 8, I forget, I don't consider it a diet now, just a return to my old diet. Feeling better and planning what I will never return to.

One good thing is shopping bill is cheaper, when you cut out all the rubbish I don't need, although Organic meats are expensive, can find good deals in the Farmers Markets and Market in Oxford. Now I am a more regular customer, chat to your butcher he always gives better deals.

A few obstacles went better than anticipated, a birthday party for PHAB club, avoided a lot of banned eats, (a few members are diabetics). Took my own supply of filtered water. Happy to report no headaches....boy do I feel better, even my workout went well. So well, Upping the weights !!!!.


Margot Faircloth said...

Sunday was another great day for me. Accomplished more tasks and stuck to diet. Even took time to see the new movie " Duchess"

B: Oatmeal with a nectarine
L: chicken rice bowl with beans
S: Organic unsalted Peanut Butter & Celery
Few handfulls of unsalted unbuttered popcorn.
D: Broiled bonless Chicken breast, 1/2 baked potatoe, aparagus, and Slced tomatoe with a dash of balsamic vingegar.
Plenty of water.

I too have the Elimination Diet Cookbook. This was essential when I was on this program for the Look Great Naked Challenge for 90 days. It is well worth the investment, for not just this 30 days but for re-thinking how to cook for the rest of your life.

I am traveling for the next 2 days, so have a great week all.