Monday, September 29, 2008

Elimination Diet Challenge Day 8

Well, we're officially into week two and, despite the fact that a relatively small number of people are actually stepping up and posting into the comments section of the blog, I'm receiving literally hundreds of mails a day to tell me that people are doing really well.

In fact, I myself have dropped 4kg in the last week. That's nearly 9lbs (I must've gotten pretty toxic over the summer, huh?)

It's great to know that so many of you are achieving so much.

So look, here's another bunch of 'tweaks' for you all so that you can get even faster results.

1. Keep the fluids high - yes, I know this isn't new, but it's the hardest habit most people try to build and the one that's invariably the first to be forgotten. Drink 1ltr for every 50lbs of bodyweight.

2. Consume high quality DHEA Omega 3 fish oil
s - Fish oils speed up your metabolism and ability to burn fat. Taking a high dose fish oil supplement daily will make a REAL difference.

3. Consume slightly more protein than you normally would - you don't have to become a protein nut but try to eat more than you're used to. Just 1 or 2 eggs a day, a bit of extra meat, more pulese and nuts if you're vegetarian. Just get more and you'll feel a big difference.

4. Eat more greens
- Green cruciferous veggies like Broccoli, Kale, Cabbage, Turnip etc They contain huge quantities of antioxidants that will really speed up the detox and get you faster results.

5. Eat some spicy food - Get a few spicy meals such as chili, curry etc into your weekly diet. The spices speed up metabolism like crazy and also assist with detoxification... and taste great!

There you have it. 5 more detox and elimination diet speed up tips.

Apply them today!

Dax Moy

P.S - Don't forget to get some training in too. I've already told you about some great workout systems and there are a bunch more too.

Here's another Meltdown workout for you!

Drop me a comment... I want to hear from you... or else! : )


Daniel Iversen said...

Hey, Dax. Great post. Fish oil WILL make a real difference. Another thing I make sure I do is take a food based multivitamin. I tried regular ones for a while but got much better results with a food based one. Thanks for the great tips.

char said...

Thanks for the day 8 update... I was gone for the weekend, and it was pretty difficult to stay on track. I had one small bite of chocolate cake, which is good considering I had to help bake and frost it in addition to watch 3 people eat it! The only other slip was tofu because there wasn't any other protein available, and I knew I needed it after a nice long run on Sunday. I am really proud of the fact that I haven't had one sip of beer or wine, even when we went out. Work outs are going great! And for my spicy food, last night I made a batch of Indian curried pink lentils and spinach. I have enough for 3 lunches this week.

So we are over 25% complete, almost half way! I am facing 3 travel weekends in a row starting October 10. I guess the only thing to do is pack my food?

Steve said...

Hello Dax and all you fellow Eliminators...

I'm down 6 pounds at the beginning of week 2. My bodyfat % has not changed... I have been slacking on the training side. An annoying elbow injury has forced me to cut back.

I am a personal trainer in Orange CT USA and many of my clients are on board. We're becoming our own support group. More are joining us this week after hearing some of our results.

Hang tough... This is truly great nutritional program that can be continued for life. My biggest deviation is caffeine and I do love a good "real" bread on occasion. I've gone through the full Elimination Diet twice before and re-learned how to feed myself.

Thanks to Dax for a great and simple program!

Suzanne said...

Just weighed in and have lost over 6 pounds in one week! I'm now back to my pre-vacation weight and feeling great. Having trouble with eating as often as I know I'm supposed to, but trying to solve that by keeping a mix of raw nuts, seeds and raisins available. Getting better with my exercise, but it is still a battle every day. Water is okay, maybe a little less than I'm supposed to but keeping it close to the correct amount.

DaxMoy said...

Good on ya guys!

Some seriously impressive results already. Keep it up
: )

Colin B said...

Thats a similar workout to one I am doing (Tabata Training).

The weight keeps on dropping, ever closer to 15 stones, and below.

I have also slipped a few times, but drinking water seems to stop any damage, (2 small squares of dark chocolate). I am no longer afraid of the scales, for so long seemed stuck, really happy and more resolved to stick to it.