Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Elimination Diet Day 2!

Well, it's officially day 2 (here in the UK)  and you may well be starting to feel some of the detox effects.

Muscle ache.
Bad Breath (yuk)

I know, I know, I'm really selling you on this idea right? : )

Well, trust me, this is going to last 2 more days... tops!

Follow the plan as described. Use the tips I sent you yesterday and, whatever you do, don't, don't, DON'T follow the eating plan laid out in this video ok?

Oh, and by the way, you can reheat your cold foods via either pan top steaming or... rubbing sticks together : )

Seriously, the 'packed lunch' aspect of the elimination is a bit tough and there's no simple answer.

Most people use a thermos or pan top steaming, but many workplaces don't have that kind of facility.

Let me ask you guys; how do YOU get around this?

Speak soon!


P.S - Don't forget to leave me a message here to let me know how you're doing ok?

I want to see who's still playing?   : )

P.P.S - Feeling brave?

Tell me what you weigh and some of your measurements so that we can track your progress over the 30 days.

Feeling braver?

Submit a photograph or start your very own elimination diet blog and chronicle your own journey.

You can link it to me : )


Margot Faircloth said...

It's the early morning of Day 2 in CA. I guess the really good news is that I never really went off the ED diet from the end of the LGNC in July...The only thing I had to quit cold turkey was sugar and I never had that much anyway...

So far, I am only a tiny bit hungry, my biggest question to you is what workouts do you reccommend? In case you don't remember I travel extensively so gym workouts usually don't work for me. I still have all your workouts from before, do you recommend I start at day 1 or somewhere in-between?
My photo would be the same as the end of the LGNC.

DaxMoy said...

Hey Margot

Good on ya for keeping on track.

Re the workouts, I'd start around day 30 or so in your case for best effect.

My 4x4 program got pulled off track over summer but will be ready real soon though....


irongirl said...

Hi Dax
I've been on the ED for 22 days now so I'll just carry on with you for the rest of the 30 day journey. I'm excited to think that I am finally eating "clean" but I only lost 4-5lbs over the 21 days which is not much. Do I need to step up on the exercise? I use turbulence training 3x week and run or bike using intervals 3 x week.

NatalieW said...

Hi Dax,
Day 1 was good, apart from the wheat flakes I found luking in my muesli for breakfast (& lunch!).
Today is better:
oatibix/soya milk (using up the last & then onto Rice Milk)
Banana/live yoghurt
huge mixed salad/chicken breast
snack 2 will be rye bread & pnb
not sure about dinner yet, maybe poached eggs & something . . .
It's going to be hard being unable to use a microwave, I'll have to get my thinking cap on!

April W. said...

In regards to packing my lunch, I usually bring cold food. I may eat cold chicken breast or cold turkey with raw vegetables and fruit. That is the only way around the microwave issue at work for me. How do you pan steam food?

Colin B said...

Pan steamers are a 2 pan setup. Lower pan has water, top pan is the steamer. (Has a perforated bottom - sounds painful). Usually a vented lid on top. If you have seen the bamboo steamers used in Chinese cooking.

Health and safety/food preparation rules mean no cookers at work, except Microwaves. So its hot food at home only.

Bridgett said...

Hi Dax, The video was hilarious. I laughed out loud (had to not think about what I was watching too much or I would have been sick [ugh!]). Day 2 is maybe day 1 for me. I forgot and had a slice of whole grain bread with my eggs and arugula "mess" (not really an omelet and not really scrambled because I like lots of vegies). The microwave is hard for me because I use it to cook my oatmeal in the morning. I meant to get out the kettle. Must do that. My husband will laugh but that's okay. One question, I have LIVE (as in live yoghurt) organic 1% cottage cheese. Can I use that instead of yougurt. It has nothing artificial in it and has more live cultures than most yogurt and has more protein per volume than yogurt. Thanks,


char said...

I accidentally posted my comment on "day 1" and it disappeared, so am trying again on "day 2." I am happy to say that day 1 was a perfect day for me, as long as Dax approves of tofu. Soy is my main protein source, so if it's not OK, I need suggestions because I am pretty much vegan (the exception being an occasional sweet, but I'm not having those now!)

I joined this plan because I gained back 5 pounds from my low of 145. My goal weight is 135 or <, but 135 would put me at about 17% body fat. My knees are feeling the pain when I run, and I want to be in my best shape ever. I lift weights and/or do circuit training x3 days a week, run/walk (knees) x4 days a week, and xt on row machine, bike, elliptical x2 days a week. I take Saturdays off!

This week I am trying a new food out called "Chia Goodness" and I love it in my oatmeal. It adds 6g protein and many essential minerals. I have given up my Clif Builder Bars, and am eating my own homemade bars after workout with fruit instead - but they don't have as much protein :-( Lunch is usually leftovers from dinner - typically some sort of stir fry or lentils and a big salad. And for a snack I eat fruit and a few almonds or an apple and "peanut butter" which is made from defatted peanut flour that I mix with water - peanut flavor without all the fat. Any advice on the protein issue is appreciated - I keep reading that I should be having 90g a day, and that seems impossible.

Charlotte said...

Day one went really well until I got home and ended up having a cookie. And yes I had cleaned out my cupboards but my dad had visited me and bought a pack and left it at home. Well the cookies are now in the bin.

DaxMoy said...

Hey Guys

Let me get to the point : )

Cottage cheese? NO! Sorry, the only exception in the dairy is the yoghurt for the first 30 days.

The reason is simple; I KNOW the results attained without dairy but I can't vouch for cottage cheese as some people have reported good and others bad.

Tofu? As you're a vegetarian, I guess you're quite limited but I'm afraid that most western Tofu is simply overprocessed and has the protein and oil seperated by machine before being recombined.

So, it's a no, no from an ED perspective.

I'm not an expert in vegan and vegetarian diets but I think you could easily find a cookbook in that genre that shows you how to glean enough protein from combining grains, nuts and legumes.

Racheln said...


Day 2 Breakfast - Natural live yoghurt with organic fruit puree & oats mixed in.
Lunch - jacket potato (cooked in oven courtesy of canteen), butter & cous cous with chopped peppers & onions.
Dinner - Risotto with onions & butternut squash. 2 small snacks or raisens and nuts & lots of water.
I weigh 12 stone 9 and i'm 5ft 8. I will post some measurements tomorrow as i'm trying to get rid of my headache (still) and i'm off for a hot bath.

rhonda_joan said...

I am also on Day 2, right along with you, Dax. I have been wanting to clean up my nutrition for a while, now that I am exercising regularly, so Dax's emails to join him on this diet really gave me the extra push.

I had a headache last night and have been feeling a bit weak, but I was still able to complete my Turbulence Training workout this morning with no problems.

The biggest challenges for me this month will be a couple of family birthday parties, catered lunches for meetings I attend, and Thanksgiving, here in Canada.

urban-fairie.com said...

Thanksgiving will be a thing to negotiate around for me too, as well as several family birthdays.
I had to start a day later due to a special meal plan which had been pre-planned before the date of this challenge. I have my husbands support for this but he is not willing to join, so I will be living with the temptations. That isn't really that difficult when I put my mind to it. The most trying times I have involve family dinners which we host weekly. I will let you know how that goes after I go through one.

Roundballnz said...

Am starting the ED on 01 Oct , not looking forward to those headaches remember those from last time round - yes i drink too much tea.

as for lunches if its winterish how about home-made soups/chowder in a thermos??? - bit easy for me as its spring/summer so salads.

one question are protein shakes allowed ??

Marylin said...

Well, Day 2 has come and gone.

Breakfast was a berry and yogurt parfait. Snack was some basil and tomato plate. Lunch was a turkey chili (thanks Rosa) with a side green salad. Snack was baked apple crisp. Last but not least dinner was brown rice vegetable pilaf.

I was feeling okay. No headaches, thank God. Just a little bloating, muscle aches and major fatigue. The muscle aches and fatigue may also be due to working out a little too much.

I did my workouts as usual (yoga and walking in the AM, Dax's IMT in the afternoon, Dax's IMT in the evening followed up by a calming evening Yoga routine). I must say though my walk this morning was a bit challenging. Half way through my walk I really started feeling fatigued but then again the humidity in the air was killer. I live in Florida and believe me the humidity here especially this time of the year is killer. 3/4 of the way through my walk I called my boss and told him "sorry but I may be a little late". He says why. I responded that I was out of gas. He was like but you walk and that's when I said exactly like I said I am out of gas.

For some reason I had a restless night. I was so exhausted that I had trouble sleeping. Hopefully tonight will be a more restful sleep.

Oh yeah, I made my 4 liter water goal. YAY! I'll tell you though I was running to the bathroom but it felt good to make my goal.

Well, I am signing off for now. Tomorrow I'll post my current weight and measurements as I'll have my sister with me to help. More accountability. Talk about drill sergeant.

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