Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Get Back In Shape After Summer: Dax's 30 Day Challenge

Hi There

I'm baaaccckkk!

Did you miss me? : )

Like you, I’ve made the most of my summer by taking a great
vacation with my family, indulging in the tranquil waters and
amazing scenery of Thailand and really letting myself get into
relaxation mode.

So that’s why you’ve not heard from me for a little bit.

I know I normally write more during my trips abroad but many of you
said you’d appreciate not coming back from your own trips to an
inbox full of email so… I obliged : )

Anyway, back to business huh?

Now that summer is well and truly over, vacations are done kids are
back in school it’s time to get serious about getting back into
great shape and achieving your goals… and you have just 106 days to
the end of the year.

That’s just 106 days to achieve any of the goals you set for
yourself at the start of this year and to really make a difference
to how you look, how you feel and how your perform.

If that sounds scary, like another year of your life is about to
pass by without you actually getting what you want from it… it’s
supposed to.

Y’see, we’re all in very real danger of just letting one day ebb
and flow into another without really thinking about them.

Trouble is, days turn into weeks, weeks into months, months into
years and, before you know it a huge chunk of your life has gone by
and you still have very little result to show for it.

(No, I’m not being melodramatic; this is reality for many, many


What are you going to do about it?

You could decide today to commit to taking action and getting into
your best shape yet, or you could choose to do nothing except ‘hope
for the best’ and see what happens.

One route is full of power, promise and potential and the other is
full of, well, something I really shouldn’t utter in polite company.

What action should you take?

You know already!

Recommit to your elimination diet for a start. It costs nothing,
except a little discipline and effort, but the rewards are huge.

In fact, If you commit to start it over with on Monday next week
I’ll commit to going through it with you so you don’t feel like
you’re in it alone.

What’s more, I’ll create a weekly teleseminar or podcast for FREE
for the full 30 days of the program to answer your questions and
keep you on track.

How’s that sound?

There’s no catch, I just want to kickstart the last
100 days to 2008 and make sure that all of my readers end the year
in great shape.

What do you say?

Want to commit to this?

Just leave me a message in the
comments section of the blog. Tell me that you want to go ahead and
work with me for free on the diet for 30 days starting Monday and
what you hope the result will be.

Dax Moy
P.S – If you have friends that need a push, send ‘em on over too!


Alisa said...

Count me in - coachalisa@gmail.com. The main result I would like: to get rid of a bloated stomach. I am 45 lb from my ideal weight so I would be happy to lose weight, too!
Thanks! Alisa

Joko said...

I'm in :)

FP said...

I'll be up for the challenge. i need to lose 2 stone and want to look amazing for Xmas.

Eileen said...

Hi Dax - I did wonder where you had been as I hadn't had any emails from you! I am up for this challenge so look forward to getting the information so that I can get going on Monday.

I look forward to hearing from you soon.

Ariana said...

Hi Dax,

I received you elimination diet cookbook. I would like to see more veg options especially for dinner which seemed heavy on the seafood and meat.

I would like to try the diet for 30 days starting Monday. I am exercising using the Fit Yummy Program. My weight has stalled at around 155 lbs. I am eating every three hours and working on being more conscious of my water intake.

Ariana Curiel

hayleywhitham said...

Since we share a mutual friend Mr. Nick Pettett, who told me to have a look at your website, please sign me up to the 30 day elimination plan!

Lorraine said...

Hey Dax,
I want to go ahead and
work with you for free on the diet for 30 days starting Monday. I hope to shed these last few (~8 lbs)and decrease my body fat percentage and increase my energy levels.

Looking forward to all the great tips and motivation from you.


Carol said...

Okay, I'm up for it. I'll just finish my coffee and then get my copy of the Elimination Diet out. Thanks Dax.

Carol said...

Forgot to say, I'd like to lose a few pounds and firm up my mummy tummy.

eriksmum said...


I would like to try Dax's 30 challenge!

Sarah Hannah

Cindy A said...

Ok, I'm up for the elimination diet again. I've been working out alot, but I know that my diet has relapsed a bit, so I am ready to make some changes.

Jacquie said...

Hi Dax,

I am excited to do the 30 day free diet with you starting on Monday.


Todd said...

yes, i'd like to work with you. i'dlike to lose 15 pounds.

Anonymous said...

You can count me in. I'm ready to make big changes in my life, starting with getting in shape. I'm sick of being fat!


laura52 said...

I'm ready when you are Dax!
Monday it is and I want to release some body fat that came from not working out to my potential from a broken toe.

jane said...

Hi yes please sign me up for Monday!!!

jane said...

Hi please sign me up for Monday
many thanks Jane

Kathy said...

I began and completed the elimination diet in january of 2008 and have continued to incorporate it's principles into my diet. As a result, after the 30 days I lost 12 pounds and lost my early morning stuffy nose. No more allergys! I have kept the weight off for 8 months and have not experienced many allergy attacks unless I abandon my disciplined eating (It's the wheat). I want to begin again with you on this teleseminar, etc that you are beginning because there were many questions I had at the time and was not always clear on what route to take. I have done much research on my own but I more than welcome your expert opinion. Thank you very much for making this available.

Aloha, Kathy

Thalia said...

hi there. i completed your elimination diet last year and lost a stone. over the summer i've put a little back on, but it's my 40th in 6 weeks time and I want to look fab. So, I'm committing to your 30 day elimination challenge. Looking forward to getting back into it

Last Press Label said...

Hi Dax,

I am training at your studio, but I need to restart/kick start the elimination diet so I am going to do that again starting Monday. I need to lose about a stone of weight before Christmas.

Let's do it!

Doreen01 said...

I'm in for 30 days, Dax!
D. Smith/woodlandfairies@hotmail.com

World Food Trekkers' Association said...

Heh.... i think u mean 100 days to 2009.

I'm on!

Nana said...

Dax! You were all the way to Thailand and you didn't come visit me in Hong Kong?!? Next time you head to Thailand, you can come over and check out Hong Kong too!

Yes, starting the elimination diet again sounds like a very good idea especially next Monday will be the day after my birthday! So extra motivation to start my "year" right.

Actually this week I'm already preparing myself for the healthy eating that's coming up on Monday. Mentally preparing myself to want to eat more veggies, fruit, and broiled chicken as I know this is more of a mental challenge for me than a physical one.

Through this 30 day challenge, I want to be able to eat more healthy and get back into an exercise routine as I managed to stop exercising while I was on vacation.

So yes, I would like to work with you and hope that my clothes will fit a little looser at the end of October!

Make sure you come over to Hong Kong and visit the next time you're over to Thailand! :)

Tami said...

Hi Dax
I want very much to join your challenge - in a huge need for support, inspiration, push. Any help will be very much appreciated - it is about time that I make a change in my life.
I promise to share success stories - I do hope that this time the success is MINE.
Thank you for the on-going inspiration,

shiraz said...

This has come at an opportune time. I will join you on Monday, after spending the next couple of days getting the pantry and fridge sorted. I am hoping to use the accountability factor to increase my diligence, and to enjoy real food so much that there is no going back. A return to vitality and releasing bodyfat will be greatly welcomed too. Discovering any negative reactions to any foods will be an eye-opening experience, but will be good to know.

Siobhan said...

Hi Dax, yes I'm up for this, and will commit to 30 days, after which I aim to have lost a dress size from 16 to 14. Siobhan

siobhan said...

hi dax
having dabbled with the elimination diet a couple of times your email has prompted me to give it a more committed go starting on monday. I really want to eliminate that excess weight once and for all and just as importantly feel fit and healthy. so bring it on...

kirsty said...

Hi dax, i would like to take you up on your offer and start the diet on monday with your help for 30 days, thanks.

Steve said...

Dax, I want to start working with you next Monday on my 30 day elimination diet. I was on it before, worked with a personal trainer and dropped 20 lbs in 12 weeks. Since then, I've moved, I'm no longer working with a personal trainer, but do workout at a gym 5 days + a week (some group fitness classes - i.e. boot camp, spin, and some weight lifting on my own). After looking in the mirror this morning, I need help again. Please sign me up and help me drop 10lbs in the next 30 days. Steve

aoday said...

I am absolutely there with you Dax and I thank you for the timeliness of this.

Looking forward to Monday!!

Aileen O'Day

Marylin said...

Hi, Dax:

I want to go ahead and work with you for free on the diet for 30 days starting next week Monday, the 22nd of September. I want to be at my fittest/healthiest before/by January 2009.

On January 2, 2009 I will be turning 42 and I want to be at my best just to show everyone that life is not over when you are in your 40's. Let’s just say there are a few naysayers around me that think life is over when you get 40 and above. My plan is on my birthday I will get dressed in one of my former little black dresses, go out for a night of dinner, theatre and a little dancing. A treat for myself you might say. For those that don’t like it and think that I am too old for that sort of stuff, especially dancing, TOUGH. They will have to live with it.

I was on the elimination diet before but I flat out fell off the wagon over the summer. It’s my own fault for too little pre-planning meals, putting others and work ahead of myself again, etc. These are not excuses, just facts. My own fault but no more. With your help again, I know I can not only jump back on the wagon but I will stay there. I've seen the proof with my own eyes from lowering my cholesterol to higher energy levels, less migrains, etc.

Thank you again for everything Dax. You really are an angel.

Marylin Sanchez
Coconut Grove, FL

Jillyanne said...

Hi Dax,

Yes, I really need to get my eating right after the summer. I know what I should do, but I can't do it on my own, so please add me to your 30 Day Elimination Diet Challenge starting next Monday, and hopefully I'll end the year in much better shape.

Thanks, Jillyanne

olive721 said...

hi, im olive... i want to go ahead and work with you for free on the diet for 30 days starting Monday. what must i do? how should i start? thanks. olive_721@yahoo.com

tania said...

Hi Dax

Thanks for your emails over the last year.

Have recently booked a trip to Thailand staying at the Dusit Rayavadee, partly inspired by your link - at the point you should definitely be asking for a free upgrade next time you go!! - and would love to get into shape for this holiday.

I followed the diet last year and managed to lose a stone and now want to get rid of the final 8-9lbs.
Have tried to download another copy of the elimination diet without any success. It keeps saying I'm already subscibed. Would love another copy to make sure I'm doing it properly again.

Please help me feel fit, healthy and toned for my holiday....

Nadia said...

Mr Moy! No one has commented yet, whats going on :-O Anyhow I'll commit to it. Lost some weight but been dithering about for the past few weeks (and gained 2 or 3 pounds back, shock horror) so I need a good push to get me going again...I want to lose at least 9 pounds during the 30 days. (I have a stone and a half to lose but thats aiming too high considering it's only 30 days). I'm sick of time going by and me completely failing to achieve.

Audette said...

Hi Dax,
I would love to commit to the 30 day challenge. Only problem is having a large family including a 2yr old, all who have different requirements of food :(

Tori said...

I'll commit to it starting the 22nd!

Joko said...

Alisa, read your bloated stomach blog. Just had a cheese plate, my stomach blew up like a balloon. Definite lactose intolerance going on here. Did Dax's elimination diet before, it is phenomenal. I am so excited about starting again on Monday.

lucydoesholland said...

im in. i would like to get into a healthy routine.

April W. said...

Ok Dax, I'm in! I did the Elimination Diet back in March and had fantastic results. I expect no less now. I expect my asthma and allergies will improve as well as my nagging shoulder pain and body aches. I can't wait to lose this belly bloat as well. I'm ready to end the year with a bang!

Roxy said...

Hi Dax, I would like to start the elimination diet this Monday. I think its a great opportunity to get to work with you for free.
Thanks, Roxy

Roundballnz said...

mmmm sounds a great idea

Ariana said...


You asked me to tell you why I am here to do the elimenation diet and 30 day challenge.

Well, quite simply, my youngest child is 5 years old and I am still carrying the weight from my pregnancy. I am tired of looking frumpy.

I have lost some weight and gotten a few compliments and I like it! I want to get into a size 12 jeans that don't have an elastic waistband. I want to see my baby belly disappear.


Cindy said...

Sign me up. I would love and appreciate the support.
Thanks, Cindy

adoolicious said...

i'm clean and ready; on course wit ya