Tuesday, October 14, 2008

2 week FREE with Dax Moy!

It's true!, I'm offering all my readers who live or
work in London the chance to train with my coaches for 2 whole
weeks starting Monday for zip, nil, nada or, in plain English, for

Now, I don't normally run free promotions as I tend to feel that
they devalue the services and the expertise offered by my team, but
this time I've listened to my guys and decided to go ahead and do
it this once.

So here's the deal.

We're running a full compliment of pre work, post school run,
lunchtime and after work SMALL-GROUP classes at times that
fit into practically anyone's busy lives.

Not only that, these classes are short yet relatively intense 30
minute sessions which means that they won't take up your day and,
if you're performing them in your lunch break, will still leave you
time to eat after your session.

See, we think of everything : )

The classes we're offering include our famous Meltdown Training, a
seriously effective fat-burning workout, that'll have you losing
pounds and inches in no time, kickbox fitness where you can punch
and kick your way to a strong, slim and supple body, Yoga... with a
twist (this class is actually fun rather than serious and moody)
and not least our Ass and Abs class which is a hardcore butt and
belly workout for those who love to feel the burn.

You've got a full two weeks to attend these classes as my guest and
you can literally attend as many as you want during that time. In
fact, I'd love for you to do so.

Y'see, I'm hoping that you'll come to my classes, use them all,
love the workouts, the motivation, the support and, best of all,
the great results you're getting and that you'll choose to stay on
with us so that you can get even more.

There's no catch though {!firstname}.

There's no hidden sales machine in operation here. I want to be
transparent with you. I'm giving you these classes for free so that
you'll experience the benefits and hopefully stay, but if you
don't, if you choose to say goodbye at the end of 2 weeks then I'm
still happy as I know you'll tell other people about your time with

The way I see it is simple; I'd rather give YOU the experience for
free than pay some slick advertising department a stack of money
for space in a magazine ad.

It's win-win, right?

But look, here's the thing.

Our classes are small, 10 people maximum, and it will be first
come, first served as far as allocation goes.

So you've got to move quick ok?

Send an email to daxmoypts@aol.com with the subject line FREE

Within the email tell us which classes you're most interested and
what times of day and days of week you'd most like (I know you
don't know our timetable yet so tell us what time you'd RATHER come

Remember though, we're starting classes next Monday so you can't
hang around.

As soon as a class is filled with 10 people then that one will be
closed to the public and you'll have missed your chance.

For that reason, please don't 'claim' a place on a class if you've
no intention of using it, ok?

This is a great opportunity, I hope you take me up on
it and I get to meet you in Islington very soon.


Dax Moy

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