Thursday, October 02, 2008

Elimination Diet Challenge Day 11 - Early Success Stories!

Well, I asked for it and I got it!

Some amazing feedback about how the Elimination Diet is impacting on my readers... all 30,000 of you.

Thankfully, I only received about 60 emails and not 30,000 but hey, where are the rest of you guys?

I know you're out there! : )

I want to hear from you ok?

Look at this!

"Hi Dax~

THANK YOU SO MUCH for providing this FANTASTIC opportunity
to make some much-needed lifestyle changes!!

Due to awareness that comes after the diagnosis of serious illness,
I have been living what I thought was a pretty healthy lifestyle.
Your program has been quite an eye opener as to just how lazy
I've gotten with some of my choices over the last few years.

The first 4-5 days were really tough... Giving up my morning
ritual cup of coffee, my nightly glass of wine . The cravings
were strong, the 2 day migraine miserable and the constant
search for a little "comfort food" proved a challenge.

And then....OH MY GOSH... like MAGIC,no more cravings,
no bloat, sluggishness, foggy head and lack of energy.
LIGHTER, RADIANT and so PROUD to be honoring my body again!!!

Even though I've only lost 3 lbs,,(maybe menopause and the fact
that I don't have a thyroid contribute) I am inspired and excited
to continue, knowing that I'm going to feel better every day!!!
I have reclaimed my life!!!!!

Thank You again for your inspiration!"

Claire Hockett
Scottsdale, Az USA

Isn't that amazing?

Sounds like a complete health turnaround and we're only 11 days in...

What about this?

"I've been battling my way down from 20st since Xmas - I hit a wall at 16st - 16 4 to be precise - 10 days on elimination with exercise to match and I'm through 16 and into the 15's - this works!!!"

Dave B

And this?

"Dax - I have lost 4 pounds as of this morning,
after being on a weight loss plateau for about a year.

I originally lost 20 pounds last year, then saw a couple
creep back to stay. I don't measure inches but I know
clothes are starting to fit looser and a friend I hadn't
seen in a month asked if I had lost weight.

Four pounds may not sound like a lot, but I am an
athletic person with fairly low body fat to start.

My ideal weight would be 138 and 17% bf.
(not to say I wouldn't love 130!)

Losing these last 10 pounds would mean improving my
running times and getting rid of the last bit of flab
around my waist, arms and butt. It would also mean a
happier me. I am 48 years old and determined to prove
to all the people who told me "once you're forty, it's
all downhill. Your metabolism slows, etc etc."

I tried doing this diet last June, but ignored the part
that said "all or nothing" and allowed myself wine or
beer on the weekend, which led to other cheats, which
led to failure.

This time I am determined to follow this through and
possibly stick with it longer, until I reach that magic
number on the scale. Oh and I love your workouts, they
are very similar to the circuit training I've been doing,
and more variety is always good. Thanks for doing this.


Or This?

"I am working on those last stubborn 10 pounds
and I am aiming at losing 4 inches on my waist.
I have been exercising regularly for the past 10
months, but needed to clean up my nutrition and
decided this was the diet to try.

I am happy to say that I have knocked off 3
pounds and have lost an inch around the waist,
an inch on the bust and an inch around the hips.

And this is only Day 10.

I have found this elimination diet a challenge,
but very rewarding. The first 4 days were the
toughest and my husband was ready to tell me
to quit because I was so grouchy. But by about
Day 5, I was feeling better and started to
really notice a "clean feeling" inside. I still
have days where I really crave sugar
(my weakness), but my body is already telling me
I will feel miserable if I give in to temptation.

Thanks, Dax, for your motivation!"

Rhonda Joan

And last but not least...


I followed this program religiously for 90 days
and lost 30 pounds,I relaxed a tiny bit and now
after 90 days later I still had not gained any

I want to continue to lose more so I decided
to be more focused and once again I am completely
on board with the program. 100% ED lifestyle.

In the past 10 days without excercise I have
lost another 4 pounds.

This program works.

It's not easy but well worth the effort."

Margot Faircloth

Not bad is it?

It works and it works well.

So commit to it, give it your all and complete
the 30 days.

You won't be sorry!

Dax Moy


Colin B said...

I started this faddy Elimination Diet 10-11 days ago, sceptical, After Mum died suddenly in 2002, I completely changed my lifestyle, joined a gym and started steady weight loss. (from 16 stone +, nearly 17 at one point, being 45 years old I don't do metric ;-).

Slowly it dropped then stuck, stubborn pounds would not go away. Then my fitness/personal trainer told me he started the diet again, would I join him and compare notes.

I only had to give up very few foods, and cutting out the remaining processed foods HAS made a difference. Not only am I tasting food, but actually 'eating it' relishing it in fact, tasting real food again. All the years butter and eggs are bad for you, too much protein. Totally unfounded. I am no longer on a diet, its a return to my childhood diet. (1960s very few processed foods).

Many Thanks.


pr said...

Well, 12 days (now) and 3.6kgs / 7.9lbs down from the start. I am really feeling in control and like I am listening to my body with this plan. It is meaning I am eating extremely well, not getting hungry either as I am not consciously watching calories, more monitoring energy, hunger and fullness levels.
I have been able to actually add in more exercise than I was previously doing which has stepped it up a notch as well. Mind you, a gentler day today is on agenda!

pr said...

Dax, What are your thoughts on ham and bacon - I notice you listed egss and bacon as one of your breakfasts last week but I would have consigned them to the processed category.
I'll be interested to hear your response.

Colin B said...

Meat used to be unprocessed, hopefully Organic foods are less likely to be processed. Bacons/Hams used to be dried, or treated with Salt to preserve, only later has it been treated with other products to speed up the turnover from animal to shop floor. Cheaper (mass produced), ways of preserving have slowly taken over. In the local markets speaking to the butchers there its really interesting, they are trying to return to the old ways, but it is so expensive (time and labour), that unprocessed meats are so expensive, only purchased as a treat.