Sunday, October 19, 2008

Elimination Diet Challenge Day 28

I can't believe it, can you?

We're at day 28, almost the end of the elimination diet 30 days.

Still 2 days to go though, so hang in there ok?

Tell me, what have you achieved so far? What results?

C'mon, spill the lost, I want to know? : )

Post a comment on the blog guys.

Dax Moy


Colin B said...

Personally its day 30 for me today.

Although I didn't record my weight loss during the diet, My weight was 17 stone a year and a half ago. Now 15 stone + (sometimes 7, sometimes 5). What I HAVE noticed is a complete change to my body shape, actually clearly see muscles now, my trousers a few inches cinched in, (I will get a new wardrobe later).

I won't be reintroducing any wheat for a while yet, started slowly introducing skimmed/semi skimmed milk back into my diet (as a food group, but reduced amounts).

I will still follow the diet plan, but very happy I am losing weight slowly, but more than happy about my body/physique. I think I have lost a few pounds but it DID kick start the body and getting better results from workouts and personal training.

Margot Faircloth said...

I did so well until this past week. I had the travel schedule from hell. Due to location of my business travel I had very little control over my food 100% of the time. I took food with me but with three flights @ 4 hr duration and group meetings that included lunch and dinner I have to admit to straying from a full ED friendly program. Now the good news...I still managed to lose 7 pounds and I went from a size 12 to a size 10 for skirts and pants. although not everything was ED Friendly, I did not drink caffein, alcohol, nor any sodas....I did not consume desserts my downfall was lunch and the offering provided at that time. I will continue to stay on the program till end of year to see how much more I can lose.
Thanks for everything.

Colin B said...

Boy I am walking on air today.

Went to purchase some new trousers and delighted when I found I no longer need 40" waist but comfortably fit in a 38". (Woopppeee)

I estimate I have lost approx 7 pounds (Was stuck on 16 stone now 15 stone 5 (or 7, The gym scales are electronic need new batteries!!)

I am at day 33, and still stick to the 'diet', I enjoy the taste of food now, skin cleared up and generally full of vim and vigour.

(Even if my trainer stopped at day 6!!!!!)