Thursday, October 23, 2008

End of another elimination diet cycle

Been hard posting this last week as I've been WAAAAYYY busy with refitting my Islington Studios, giving a bunch of talks and preparing for my events this weekend with Craig Ballantyne of Turbulence Training Fame where we'll be presenting to the cream of the UK's fitness profession on how to build a great fitness business by overdelivering on service.

I've been very good though.

I've just started adding a little coffee back this week as I like the flavor (I don't use it for a kick) and I've done nearly 7 months on elimination so far this year with just a few breaks,

I had a little toast a few days ago too, though that bloated me up right away so that's off the menu again.

I'm giving myself until midnight on Sunday and started all over again, this time alongside a VERY strict training regimen to transform my body shape in 1 month.

I'll write in again tomorrow to explain how I'm doing it... you'll think I'm nuts : )

Dax Moy


Sean Ryan said...

Good luck my friend. what have you done to the studios? New equipment? Facelift?


DaxMoy said...

Both : )

Looks VERY different now : )

Colin B said...

I reintroduced decaf coffee over weekend bad side effects, so trying Caffein today, I always limit myself to 1 mug coffee a day, 1 of Tea, because of Elimination diet, found my body reacted worse to decaff.

Colin B said...

Well still continuing to follow the plan, eating a lot more rye breads than wheat. Maybe some with a mix of each. Toppings taste so much better on it.

Started eating in moderation, a treat of a few squares dark chocolate, small amount of real cheese (not 'plastic' cheeses).

Still eating loads of egg and fruit (blimey they are expensive recently). Feeling great, no major weight gain, body seems to be keeping around the same weight (15 stone 5/6 ish), can always follow the full diet again but I am more than happy. Had to purchase a new wardrobe 1-2 sizes smaller.