Friday, October 10, 2008

Fast Fat Loss Workout With Kettlebells... and more!

First off, thanks so much if you were one of the wonderful people
who popped over to and answered my short
1 minute survey.

You've helped me so much!

I've already used some of the information I've learned to write a
bunch of new articles and shoot some new video's that I'll be
sharing with you in the coming weeks.

(Hey, if it wasn't you, then move your butt on over there... it'll
take you less than a minute!) :

So far, I can tell you the main thing that's on people's minds.


No surprise there right, but did you know that the MAJOR reason,
I'm talking well over 45%, that most people feel that they have a
problem achieving their fat loss goals is...


People tell me that the lack of motivation is the main factor with
a shortage of time coming a not too distant second.

Seems like the ultimate solution would be a fat loss program that
had a lot of support and guidance (rather than an ebook) and used
shorter workouts conducted preferably from home, right?

(If you want an IMMEDIATE dose of great motivation then check out and you'll have the most amazing 100 days of your life)

That's why I'm uploading a bunch of new workout videos that'll give
you shorter, more intense fat burning workouts that can be
completed from home with little or no equipment.

In fact, I've already got one up at my blog at
for you.

Ever done a kettlebell workout?


Then check out my sinister 6 workout, one of my favourite short, yet highly effective fat loss workouts that I use with my clients to get them into great shape fast.

It's simple to perform, very straightforward...

What do you think of that then? : )

Give my sinister 6 workout a whirl and tell me how you found it.

Don't have a kettlebell? Then use a dumbell instead :)

Speak soon!

Dax Moy

Oh, and don't forget to tell me where you're at with your diet challenge... we're at day 19 already and, to be honest, I'm finding it really easy this time around.

How about you?


Margot Faircloth said...

At the end of Day 19, I am doing quite well with regard to the diet portion. The excercise is not so great. I have lost 7 pounds and been able to get into my size 10 jeans. When I started the program for the first 90 days I went from 16 to a 12 and so far for this 19 days I have gone from 12 to 10.

I have been told by a number of people that I look like I did 20 years ago....considering I am just shy of 58 I will take a 20 year improvement any day. Excercise is my biggest stumbling block and the one thing that I need to make myself do.

Work, travel for work and just plain downtime seem to always come first..,, I have to find a way to change my attitude about workouts.

Thanks for everything else you provide... maybe you should market a " BIG STICK" have a great weekend.

Rach's Magic Hundred Challenge said...

I hope the workout will shift fat quick cos i'm getting married in 4 weeks. I've lost just 4 pounds over the past 19 days but I'm carrying on as I have a bit more energy.
Breakfast - banana & plain cashews
Lunch - jacket potato with chicken, bacon & spinach
Snack - home made parsnip crisps
Dinner - omelette & peppers.

I tried making gluten free bread rolls - what a complete disaster! They were like bricks! I'm trying again tonight - will keep you informed.

Colin B said...

Panic over, must have been a bit under par, not feeling 100%.

After a few days with slightly increased water intake, and an extra fibre boost, the weight did drop after a few days. so back on track.

One side effect, I have to buy a new wardrobe, including gym kit!!!, especially tops. Many people have noticed that my body shape is changing noticeably, chest and shoulders are changing more muscular, and my belly is finally disappearing. Scales creeping nearer to 15st, (hopefully below). A freind passed by me in the street, (on my way home from Personal Training, and they didn't recognise me, I had lost so much weight).

All the confidence boost I needed.


pr said...

Loved this kettlebell workout - I replaced my regular intervals with it this morning after my strength workout and it hit the spot. I was able to use a 12kg bell for the swings and cleans, then 8kg for the snatches. (My shoulders were already fatigued from pushups and bodyweight rows). Completed 4 rounds in about 10 mins. Nice one!! It's great to know my strength is still increasing - not something most detox diets that are more radical could support :)