Sunday, October 12, 2008


Well, here we are at the end of week three and across the board people are telling me of increased energy, better skin, better mood and, oh yes, tons of fat loss.

Now let me be clear here. Fat loss doesn't mean the same as weight loss.

Granted, many, many people are losing a good bit of weight too, but some people have only lost 4 or 5lb so far yet, from what I'm told, they've lost many inches throughout the body.

So why the big fluctuation in results?

Well, it's got a lot to do with how much water you were holding at the start of the diet due to toxicity (the more toxic you are the more water you retain) as well as how diligent you are about following your exercise routine.

If you've been training as advised then you'll have definitely built some muscle and, of course, that extra muscle adds a little weight. However, muscle is dense which means you'll be smaller and 'tighter' as a result.

Not bad huh?

Now, for this last week, I want you to go full out and make sure you're following the diet very strictly.

Bed by 10.30.

Drink 1ltr water for every 50lbs of body weight

Eat from a variety of foods.

Eat higher than normal (normal for you) amounts of protein.

Exercise daily!!!

Consume spicy meals a couple of times this week.

Add fish oil to your diet.

Take a multimineral supplement, especially zinc and magnesium.

Do all this and some great things will happen for you this week, I promise.

C'mon guys, just 7 days to go... finish strong! : )

Truth, joy and love


P.S - Please post your results so far. I'd love to hear from you : )


pr said...

Well, wasn't sure if I: get this far, had a major energy drop on Friday and Saturday combined with some emotional upheaval. Once I realised the new antihistamines were the reason why I suddenly needed afternoon naps I felt better. Stuck to the eating plan but ate more fruit and nuts than normal when trying to increase my energy. Did great workouts Sun & this morning, lots better than Sat. Off to buy different medication later today. I wonder if that also provoked some water retention? Only another week to go - it has been quicker than I thought it would be to get through.

Margot Faircloth said...

The good news bad news...Lost total of 7 pounds...and inches are very noticeable. New slacks that I bought but have not worn will be returned for a smalller size.. Good news lost some weight and inches... Bad news newly purchased clothes now do not fit...The expense is not the food it's the shopping to look good... OK I will just have to live with it.. I have dropped another size...since March when I originally did the 90 days I went from a 16 to a 12 and now the pants are a size 10. Yahoo..
Thanks DAX.

Colin B said...

I am waiting for a while before purchasing new clothes. The weight has been slow coming off, more noticable is the body changes. Lost double chin (Hoorrraayyy), increased muscles of neck,shoulders,chestarms and legs, (must balance out upper body and lower body looking for the wedge shape). Seem to have dropped more than 1 size in waist, sinching the belt tighter certainly.

I shall have to drink more,water (15 stones = 210lbs, divide by 50 = 4.2 litres of water, 1 pint and 3 quarters=1 litre of water, thats nearly 6 pints a day?? Blimey).

I shall continue after 30 days eating more protein, less wheat, (if I introduce wheat at all). Started my diet properly the Sunday before Dax. Hope to see further improvements.