Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Elimination Diet Challenge Day 16

Yesterday I told you about some of the short and effective workouts that people are using to lose fat and get in shape fast. Well, here's yet another short, sharp yet highly effective workout to compliment your elimination diet journey.

This time, I'm introducing a good friend of mine, Vince Delmonte who's programs over at http://www.mysixpackcoach.com/ are selling like hotcakes right now.

Vince's programs are all about rapid fatloss and the building a fabulous sixpack and are genuinely great workouts in their own right.

Better yet, in keeping with my own beliefs about short, sharp impactful workouts, Vince has created his own variation of the 4 minute workout and it's well worth giving it a try. It may be short but it'll give you a great workout!

Give this one a go...

If you like Vince's system of training then check out www.mysixpackcoach.com where I've persuaded him to offer my readers a trial-run of his workouts and nutrition plan.

Both work well with the Elimination Diet and, with just a few nutritional modifications you'll be getting amazing results fast.

Go check it out!


Seeya tomorrow!

Dax Moy


Colin B said...

The day 20 will soon be here, I started my diet at the same time as Dax.

One question does the body start storing fat reserves for Winter?. I was doing well, pounds dropping, reached 15 stone 5, now back up to 15 stone 7 (according to gym scales, how accurate are they??) Feeling a bit bloated, and not as regular as I was. (yuk subject I know). So now tightened up, and plan to keep the diet going well past 20-30 days, and won't attempt reintroduce wheat products (I like the taste of the non wheat pastas, and will be a long while before start bread again.

Colin B said...

Approaching day 21 tomorrow, all was going well, then stopped!!!!

Does the body start storing fat for winter?. My weight was dropping steadily, then went up a pound or so then stopped. 15st 7 pounds. (either that or the scales at the gym need calibrating?).

I think I won't be in a rush to return to the cereals, or bread, in a hurry. Might slowly reintroduce skimmed or semi skimmed milk, treating it as a food group. Loss of confidence at the moment. Must get motivated, visit the gym for a bit of weights/treadmill/cross trainer I think.

DaxMoy said...

Hey Colin

Are there any areas where you may have dropped the ball or slipped up with the diet. It's strange that your digestion would become sluggish after all this time...