Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Another Quick 4 Minute Fat Loss Workout

Fancy another short, sharp yet highly effective
fat blasting workout to help speed up your
elimination diet results?


I've got another 4 minute workout that you
can do at home with no equipment yet still get
fantastic results... fast!

Try adding this to the other 4x4 workouts I gave you last week for some great results!

Perform 20 seconds of squats, 10 seconds rest then 20 seconds of pushups for a back to back circuit of 4 minutes and tell me how you get on : )

Dax Moy
Your Results Coach

P.S - I've just had 2 clients (a husband and wife) leave
me after 4 years to go and move to another location
so I rather unusually find myself with 4 appointments
a week free in my diary.

If you're the sort of person who appreciates working
with a coach who will simply not allow you to fail then
you might, just might, be the person I'm looking for.

But before you go getting all excited about working with
me, let me be straight with you.

1. I'm only looking for people who are SERIOUS about their
results - I really don't enjoy working with people who are
just going through the motions.

2. I'm expensive (In fact, I'm the most expensive coach in
the UK) - I make no apologies for that, nor do I
give discounts for 'bulk packages'. As immodest as it may
sound, I'm worth every penny I'm paid, as all my clients
will tell you.

3. I routinely 'fire' clients who will not follow my coaching
advice - Let's face it, I'm too expensive to ignore. You could
by a magazine for 2.99 and ignore that instead... much
cheaper! : )

4. You WILL get results - No if's no but's you'll get results
from the very beginning of our time together or I'll refund
double your money. I don't HAVE to... I WANT to!

So look {!firstname}, if I haven't put you off and ONLY if you
understand and agree to the 4 points above, then drop me a
line at with the subject line
'Train With Dax' and I'll arrange for a consultation at my London
studios next week.

If that's not you, then thanks for reading : )

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